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Treviso, the first bell Conegliano leaves for S. Donà

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It starts again, and this time for real in October, without emergency formulas, but with single rounds, as it once happened. Serie B volleyball tournaments begin. Public admitted with presentation of the green pass. The renewed Volley Treviso today at the Ghirada faces at 18.30 the Kioene Padova for the B men, a revival of old and new youth derbies. Treviso plays with the under 19 group. “There were, as is normal, some initial difficulties in certain situations in the friendly matches, but we were able to go back and improve – says coach Michele Zanin – I see a eager team and who always tries to make a contribution. On our opponents, with the exception of 2-3 players who were in group B, the others come from the U17 / Serie C of Padua. For us, on the other hand, the challenge of the moment is to find harmony between teammates in the match, given that the group comes half from C and half from B from last season ». In B1F the freshman Conegliano will face the baby Imoco away in San Donà from 20.30. Tomorrow the Duetti Giorgione, fresh from two victories over the Volano in a friendly 3-1, will host Alta Fratte. Today for the B2F Asolo Altivoleriese hosts the freshman Villa Bartolomea at 6.30 pm, while Ezzelina will meet Bassano at 9 pm. –


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