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Udinese, Spezia exam not to be missed: you can spread the wings of enthusiasm

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A positive away signal after 4 points at home would be important before facing two big names

UDINE. The wings of enthusiasm have not yet bent: after four points in the first two days, both played at the Friuli stadium, it would be an exaggeration to fuel optimism at all costs.

But a positive response this afternoon in La Spezia – perhaps crowned by three other points all at once – could really allow Udinese to look to the next matches with high morale and without the fear of making mistakes on paper as complicated as the one at home. against Napoli, or the next one in the midweek round with Roma, two teams that started with the turbo engaged.

Here is the meaning of the Spezia exam, an exam not to be missed, not only for the value of the opponent who started with the declared goal of salvation and who in the first two games collected a point, against Cagliari on the debut day. , where he closed on a draw, and with Lazio who made 6 (to 1) to take the three points.

However, Thiago Motta’s team is always endowed with that aggressiveness, inherited from the Italian management, which should never be neglected, even for a reality like Udinese that has talent and physical strength. Gotti will choose the position game and the 3-5-2 as always, but will have to deal with some question marks that could affect the first away match of the sporting year.

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The main one is linked to the new Argentine on the rise after the millionaire sales of De Paul and Musso: Molina played 90 ‘yarns against Bolivia, in the night between Thursday and Friday, to then return with a dedicated flight as soon as possible in Friuli, yesterday was he rested and then embarked to reach Liguria with the team. The second doubt concerns the technical characteristics of the players who could make up the attack tandem.

And then it is better to start from the advanced department to understand how Udinese could play. Deulofeu seems to be the favorite to complete the pair with Pussetto, but it is not a foregone decision, far from it. Certainly the alternative is not Success, the Nigerian who arrived from Watford immediately in the pits for an intestinal flu that excluded him from the squad list (where Forestieri returned).

The alternative is Pereyra who would abandon the median to play in support of Pussetto, as he did in the opening eleven against Juventus and Venice (with Makengo as owner), only to be relegated with the entry of Deulofeu in the second half, scoring both times. . Newcomer Beto? He could enter the second half as Okaka did and with much more credible verve.

The Molina “knot” remains on the right wing: Soppy should play there with Stryger Larsen on the left, otherwise (option number 2) Zeegelaar on the left wing and the Dane on the other side.


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