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Udinese turns out to be great in La Spezia, the report cards: Nuytinck saves a goal already scored, Samardzic gives a jewel

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7 SILVESTRI In the first half, Spezia never manages to hit the goal and therefore he has to deal with routine administration. In the second half he is decisive with three interventions, the first on Agudelo is the most difficult, the others on the new entry Green. And when he doesn’t get there, Nuytinck takes care of saving on the line.

Goalkeeper Marco Silvestri, 30, is not making Musso regret

7 NUYTINCK He is surprised after 6 ‘by the “cut” of Antiste who heads to the side: it is the only micro-error of a game that is otherwise very careful. The high point of his performance is obviously the header on the line on the right of Green made four minutes before the goal of Samardzic

6 MOLINA He remains on the pitch 88 ‘and it is something to underline considering that in the night between Thursday and Friday he played 90’ in Argentina-Bolivia. He places a cue from his team in the first half, in the second half he plays with the handbrake on. (SOPPY s.v.) He enters the field in the last minutes and his entrance brings good results.

5.5 WALACE In the first half he is always careful in the interdiction phase and clean in the construction phase. In the second half he drops as shown by the two bloody balls lost in front of his own penalty area. Gotti senses the danger and replaces it. (CHAPTER 6) Miss a goal that is not impossible, participate in the winning goal.

6 STRYGER LARSEN Udinese almost never manages to light up on the flanks and this is due to the fact that Molina and the Dane rarely pushed on the lanes. On the other hand Larsen was very safe in the containment phase: to underline the recovery in the final on Antiste, the most lively of the La Spezia forwards.

The Danish Stryger Larsen, sufficient proof on the left wing

6.5 DEULOFEU At the beginning he could finish from the edge of the area and instead try an assist that is too long for Pussetto. He misses a throw for Molina, he sins of selfishness on a restart but he gets a thrilling solo from the cylinder ended with a right turn that the opposing goalkeeper deflects him for a corner with a half miracle. It is important that he remained on the pitch for 80 ‘.

Spaniard Gerard Deulofeu was a thorn in the side for the La Spezia defense

7 SAMARDZICOnly in the world of dreams could he have imagined such a debut in Serie A. Gotti inserts him in the 81st minute in place of Deulofeu: they are enough and advance to put the stamp on Udinese’s second consecutive victory. He pretends the conclusion with his left foot (the good one) and this allows him to open the door: the right platter is not very angled, but strong enough not to give the goalkeeper a chance. The boy has class, the important thing is to let him grow up without putting too much pressure and pressure on him.

A close-up of Lazar Samardzic, 19 years old: the German was the hero in La Spezia

6,5 BECAO He proves he is on the spot when in the first half he places a great recovery on Colley. Play a game of substance while also being useful on high balls. In the end, he uses all his craft to manage the ball and to spend even a few seconds with the game stopped.

6,5 SAMIR In the first half he throws himself dead body on a shot from the center of Gyasi and manages to deflect the trajectory over the crossbar. He always keeps the attention threshold high and in fact the opponents never manage to put him in difficulty. Could it be the beginning of a season finally characterized by continuity?

5.5 ARSLAN Inaccurate compared to the first two races. In the first half he misses a couple of inexplicable checks, and when he passes in front of the defense he no longer has the clarity to manage the game. And in fact it is he who loses the ball from which the restart ended by the rescue on the Nuytinck line is born. (JAJALO sv) A few minutes for him

6 PEREYRA The Tucu seems to suffer most of all from the heat of the Peak. He never manages to light up during the possession phase and therefore no slalom of his is seen. It is more useful in coverage and when it comes to managing the ball. Gotti, however, never gives up his experience and the facts prove him right.

The Argentine Roberto Pereyra only ignited in flashes, confirming himself as valuable in coverage

6 PUSSETTO His game is conditioned by the episode of the penalty that in fact is not there. He manages to go to the conclusion only once, the trajectory is angled but not strong enough to overcome the opposing goalkeeper. In the second half he falls and Gotti after just over an hour replaces him with Beto

6 BETO Play a generous half hour. He starts by tasting the roughness of the Serie A defenders and seems to get nervous, then he manages to find the spaces in which he asserts his qualities. He places an assist at the kiss that Makengo wastes and manages to restart the team twice. It seems to have different characteristics from the other glide points in Udine in recent seasons.


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