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Verstappen triumphs at the Bahrain GP. Sainz’s Ferrari third, Leclerc’s bitterness: “Horrible race, I’m disappointed”

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Verstappen triumphs at the Bahrain GP.  Sainz’s Ferrari third, Leclerc’s bitterness: “Horrible race, I’m disappointed”

If the good morning is seen from the morning (or from the evening of Sakhir), then for the Ferrari it wasn’t a great awakening. The sensations after the tests at the end of February seemed different, especially after the race pace shown by Sainz on the second day of testing with the race compounds. But in the first Season GP in BahrainFerrari had to settle for the Spaniard’s third place (excellent) and worry about the numerous blocking problems suffered by Leclerc when entering corners (especially at 9 and 10), which forced the Monegasque to often lose the rear when exiting, going into oversteer. A moral blow right from the start, because once again he was hit by bad luck as in several races last championship. It now remains to be understood whether the possible cause is the change of the left brake intake made before the race (the brake duct).

Ferrari, improved race pace. But what a pain with the Softs – A shame for those who were hoping for a more lively Ferrari, even fighting for victory against Verstappen. However, there is a positive note: tire degradation has significantly improved, as demonstrated by the race pace data and the positions at the finish line of the two Red riders. The possibility of operating longer stints in the GPs bodes well for fighting for many podiums in the season, exploiting the weaknesses that Pérez will surely leave. The behavior of the SF-24, however, was mixed: excellent on the white tyres, as demonstrated by a Sainz who was only 2″4 away from Pérez at the finish line (with the Soft tyres), but suffered tremendously on the red tyre. With the first compounds, Ferrari confirmed itself as the second force, with the second ones behind the Mercedes of an excellent Russell, 5th finish after being 2nd).

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Race report, Leclerc disappointed: “Horrible race, I’m disappointed” – After the start and the first blocks, traveling on the high 1″36 and the low 1’37”, Leclerc began to skate and was thus overtaken by Pérez (on the seventh lap) and twice by Sainz, who had just finished behind after the first tire change to switch from red to hard. Slowly the Monegasque collapsed in performance and mentally, starting to shout over the radio to his race engineer: “I can’t avoid them, I have locks everywhere” and “My car goes completely to the right when I brake, so I can’t fight it’s risky”. And for Ferrari lovers there was a chill at the start of the race. On social media, several defeatists have already criticized Maranello for the choice to distance Sainz from Hamilton at the end of the season. The Spaniard, as a great sportsman that he is, said he wanted to end the year on a high and he is doing so. He took what he had to take when overtaking, he risked contact with Leclerc before turn 11 and in the final part of the race he approached Pérez, who he was able to manage after switching from white to red in the second stopover. “Fourth place is not satisfactory, a horrible race – the words of the Monegasque – The impression is that I drove badly, I always blocked at turns 9 and 10. I brought the car to the end, but I’m disappointed. I was optimistic inside, we had prepared everything, but the car was undriveable”.

McLaren and Aston Martin behind, now all in Jeddah – The next stop is already next week Saudi Arabiaa Jeddah, where it will be a different race. Smoother and less abrasive asphalt, faster corners. With a Red Bull so it will be very tough and the season has meanwhile begun as Fernando Alonso had predicted during the tests: “It’s already over before it begins, with 19 out of 20 drivers who know they know they can’t be champions”. Clear reference to Verstappen, who together with Sergio Pérez took an uncontested one-two like last year. Starting alone after a few laps, the Dutchman managed to take the Grand Slam (pole, fastest lap in 1’32″608 and race always led) and went to the podium as happy as Easter, after a nervous Friday and a on Saturday in front, taking advantage of Piastri’s wake in Q3. The Mexican instead finished second, leading a comeback race like many seen last year. The McLarens were better on race pace than in qualifying: Norris and Piastri finished 6th and 8th. Hamilton only finished 7th. So so the Aston Martins: Alonso and Stroll reached the finish line in ninth and tenth place after a difficult race. Nothing to do with last year’s car for the Spaniard, who dreams of Mercedes in 2025when he immediately climbed onto the podium.

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