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Messina-Monterosi: the decline after the exploit

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Messina-Monterosi: the decline after the exploit

After the seven thousand exploit in the match against Foggia, much less bite seems to animate the Messina environment for the match against Monterosi Tuscia. In terms of standings, the match would also have its own reason, given that being able to impose the field factor on the Lazio players who are second to last in the standings would mean maintaining a certain margin from the playout zone and avoiding unnecessary final worries. No other stimulus comes from the stands, given that the away section remains closed as no organized group follows the fate of the Viterbo team.

Today there are around 3,500 spectators at the “San Filippo” and at the same time the support is also more subdued than on the previous occasion. The usual corollary of clapping, flags in the wind, sporadically some smoke bombs color the sky yellow, luckily the team then takes care of returning a jolt after this clear digression, winning 2-1 and extending the points from the hot zone to six. A nice breath of fresh air which could also be a good omen for the trip to Catania, except that – as expected – the much-felt derby will be played only in the presence of the home fans.

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