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Vigevano, the company exalts coach Piazza Riso Scotti, Caserio immediately turns the page

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Della Noce, ducal leader: beautiful, the work continues The patron of Pavia: zero dramas, Di Bella central in the project


Vigevano with very high morale after the almost undisputed domination in the derby, Riso Scotti Pavia shocked but who has the opportunity to recover already next Sunday in the delicate challenge at PalaRavizza against San Miniato, one of the three leaders of group A.

The ducal enthusiasm

His first season as club manager of Elachem Vigevano, Beppe Della Noce, could not have started in the best way: five victories in the first six games and the triumph in the derby with Pavia. The former manager of Livorno, Crema and Pizzighettone, who arrived in the summer under the Torre del Bramante, experienced the very warm atmosphere of the Basletta on Sunday. «It was my first derby – he says – a wonderful experience. However, even if the result was exciting, we must continue to work following the recipe of coach Paolo Piazza, who day by day encourages us to work and stay on track. The accounts are made in the end ». Despite the first place in the standings on equal points with the battleships San Miniato and Omegna, which were among the favorites at the beginning of the season, and the landslide victory with the ambitious Pavia, in Vigevano there is no headache. “I know that it is not easy to manage the teams – continues Della Noce – especially on the wave of enthusiasm and it is important that the players keep their heads down and continue to work”. So far Vigevano has fully confirmed the expectations of the manager who has considerable experience in the whole boot behind him. «I knew many players well and I had confirmation of their quality. I was particularly able to appreciate Piazza’s working method ». So far, the ducals have managed to stay in the high places of the standings, but the road is long. «Pavia – explains Della Noce – remains a very high quality team. But we must also remember the value of Omegna and Libertas Livorno. Then there is San Miniato, which I follow closely. Even after the change of coach he maintained a constant trend. A sign that there is a quality and cohesive group ». Vigevano will return to the gym today to train for the match on Saturday evening at 20.30 against another high-level team, Legnano.

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Pavia, no drama

No drama, the championship is still very long. Riso Scotti president Lele Caserio does not hesitate to put his face to it after the blow from PalaBasletta. «I do not hide the fact that there is a lot of bitterness – admits Caserio – we offered a show that was not up to par with the preparation for the derby and what we would have liked to put on the pitch. Coach Di Bella apologized after the match, now the club is also doing the same towards our fans because it is evident that we have not been up to the big match. But it is absolutely not the case to bring trials to a team that up to now has shown that it has important values ​​». Di Bella is nowhere near in question. “Ours is a medium-long term project – reiterates the president – Fabio is the leader of this technical project and an accident along the way does not change anything”. Returning to the defeat against Vigevano, Caserio adds: “First of all, the right merits must be given to Vigevano, who caught the joker Giorgi and played with intensity both in attack and in defense, and supported by a very warm audience, at home it will be impossible that lose. Our faults, however, were that we did not continue the good things we did in the first quarter, making us nervous and losing the compass, then we pulled very badly from the outside ». There is no doubt that the absence of Torgano and the imperfect physical conditions of Sgobba are weighed. «We have so far lost two matches against full teams – observes Caserio – since the beginning of the season we have never trained nor have we ever played fully. Last week, for example, Sgobba, Donadoni and Torgano had problems, then in the game you risk paying him ». Sunday arrives at PalaRavizza, San Miniato. “The calendar offers us the opportunity to conquer an important victory for the classification – Caserio closes – when training resumes, we managers will be present and talk to the team to take stock of the situation and restart together”. –

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