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Women’s rifle 50m three-positions upset “post-00” teenager Miao Wanru super world record wins_Sina News

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Original title: Women’s rifle 50m three-positions upset “post-00” teenager Miao Wanru won the world record

China News Service, Xi’an, September 15 (Reporter Wang Peng) The women’s 50-meter rifle three-position competition in the 14th National Games of the 14th National Games broke out on the 15th. It was the first time that the “post 00” entered the finals of the national competition of the event. The young player Miao Wanru won the championship with a world record final result.

In the qualifiers held in the morning that day, many powerful players were in poor condition. Among them, the Tokyo Olympics players Shi Mengyao and Chen Dongqi ranked 18th and 41st respectively, and Pei Ruijiao, the champion of the 2021 National Shooting Championship, ranked 21st, and none of them entered the finals.

In the final, the top 8 players in the qualifying round had their scores cleared to fight again. A total of 45 rounds were contested in the final. The order was kneeling, prone and standing, with 15 rounds in each position. Standing up to the tenth serve, the seventh and eighth place will be produced, and then one person will be eliminated for every one serve until the championship is produced.

In the final session, Miao Wanru, who came from Shanxi and ranked fourth in the qualifiers, ushered in an explosion. After 15 rounds in the kneeling position, she ranked second with 156.2 rings, only 0.1 ring behind teammate Fu Yutian. As the game progressed, Miao Wanru’s state became more and more colorful. After 15 rounds in the prone position, she ranked first with 313.4 rings and overtook Fu Yutian with 3.1 rings.

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In the standing position, Miao Wanru could no longer stop. The last five shots were 10.7, 9.8, 10.5, 10.7, and 9.7. The total score was 466.9, which was locked by a huge advantage over the second-ranked Hunan player Liu Ruxuan at 4.7. champion. Shanxi player Fu Yutian won the third place with a 451.6 ring score.

Entering the women’s rifle 50m three-position national finals for the first time, it surpassed the 464.7 ring final world record created by Italian players in 2015. Miao Wanru’s outstanding performance was surprising and exceeded her own expectations.

“I played very well today, beyond expectation, and I don’t know that I exceeded the world record.” After the game, Miao Wanru, who was only 21 years old, faced Pinghu, as calm and calm as in the game. She said that she did not pay attention to the rankings in the competition, but mainly focused on movements and techniques. She had a stable mentality and did not have much ups and downs. She strived for each serve at her own pace.

Speaking of the next goal, the blockbuster teenager is very humble, “I just want to be a solid person. The shooting project is not very controllable, and no one knows the result until the end.” (End)

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