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Yannis praised Jeremy Lin: He is very selfless and will not consider his data

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Original title: Yannis praised Jeremy Lin: He is very selfless and will not consider his data

On December 27, Beijing time, the fifteenth round of the 2021-2022 CBA League began. The Beijing team played 38-6 in the fourth quarter and finally defeated Tong Xi 119-78. Tong Xi suffered a 12-game losing streak.

Beijing coach Janis said: “Winning is a good thing, but for the coaching staff, how to win is also to be considered. The first three quarters should not be our way of dealing with the game. In my eyes, I am not satisfied at all. The first three quarters gave the opponent too many open opportunities. This is not our way. The Beijing team started defensively. In the fourth quarter, the offense is driven by defense, and it is the real Beijing team.”

With 12 players on the Beijing team, Yannis also tried different combinations. He said: “Our tactical adjustments are still good. We want to have some mobility on the outside, so we used a three-back lineup. Through the breakthrough of the guards, the outside The pitcher also has a chance.”

Jeremy Lin made 4 of 12 shots and scored 11 points and 7 assists. Yannis praised Jeremy Jeremy for his performance: “Jeremy Jeremy Lin did a very good job on the defensive end of the first half. When Jeremy Lin was on the court, it was the key to our team’s defense. Player, he can read the opponent’s offensive choices, he can be in the right position at the right time. The offensive end can create a lot of space for his teammates. Jeremy is very selfless and does not consider his own data. What he wants to do is how to help The team wins the game. This trait is rare in a player of his level.”

Speaking of the performance of another foreign player, Yannis said: “Gibson has greatly improved on the defensive end, and he can afford a lot on the offensive end.”Return to Sohu to see more


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