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Zheng Weitong wins the Oscar Country Garden Cup in chess, is it about to usher in the Zheng Weitong era? -Qianlong Net·China Capital Net

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Source Title: Does Zheng Weitong’s Chess Usher in the Age of Zheng Weitong’s Oscar Country Garden Cup?

On December 10, 2021, the final of the tenth “Country Garden Cup” National Chess Championship Invitational Tournament came to an end in Guangdong. In this peak of Chinese chess matchup, “Shushan Young Hero” Zheng Weitong defeated Wang Tianyi in the play-offs and won the game. Second Country Garden Cup champion. The real-time ratings are Wang Tianyi 2751 and Zheng Weitong 2749. The 27-year-old Zheng Weitong has the potential to catch up.

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This year is a year for Zheng Weitong to make great progress. He just won 23 consecutive victories in Xiangjia last month. This time he added another championship to the Country Garden Cup, which has a chess Oscar. Is Chinese chess really about to usher in the Zheng Weitong era?

In this Country Garden Cup competition, he still maintained his undefeated record. Through three games with one win and one victory, he defeated Wang Yang, Hong Zhi, and Zhao Xinxin, the top eight top chess players in the country, and entered the final of the winner group. In the final of the group, Wang Tianyi defeated Wang Tianyi in a play-off and took the lead to get close to the final. Wang Tianyi fell into the loser group. In the two games of the loser group, Wang Tianyi beat Jiang Chuan and Zhao Xinxin defeated Xu Yinchuan. Wang Tianyi and Zhao Xinxin competed for a ticket to the final. In the end, Wang Tianyi entered the final and the Country Garden Cup once again ushered in the pinnacle of this pair of chess twins.

In the peak duel between Zheng Weitong and Wang Tianyi, both sides were very cautious in the first game, fighting each other, and finally shook hands and made peace. In the second round, the two men drew again. In the final blizzard duel, the result is a draw again. In the final play-offs, the rule was black wins in draws. Wang Tianyi chose black, while Zheng Weitong withstood the pressure and won with red, beating Wang Tianyi twice to win the championship.

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Zheng Weitong once again defeated Wang Tianyi to win the Country Garden Cup champion, repeating the scene of Country Garden’s eighth session. It is not easy for the “Shushan Young Hero” to stay at the top of the competition while studying at Tsinghua University.

After the game, the post-90s chess king shared the joy of winning to his fans for the first time through a short video. In June of this year, after Zheng Weitong signed a contract with JJ Chess to become the chief experience officer of JJ Chess, he produced a series of breaking content. He was pleased to mention the title of “Zheng Yuanyuan” for chess fans, and by adapting to the new era context, he brought the top chess players and chess enthusiasts closer. distance. The inheritance of chess culture requires more people like Zheng Weitong who have the thinking of advancing with the times to spread chess culture. I believe that the era of this young chess king has just begun.

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