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1MORE Fit SE Open Earbuds S30, earphones for special ears!

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1MORE Fit SE Open Earbuds S30, earphones for special ears!

With the S30, 1MORE offers a pair of exceptional “open” sports earphones. They do not use silicone attachments and are simply placed on your ear instead.

Important, put on, because these don’t penetrate your ear!

This means the earphones are incredibly light and airy. Even if you have a somewhat unusual ear canal, which means that in-ears are usually not for you, the 1MORE S30 could be interesting.

But what about the sound? There is usually a reason why we use the silicone attachments.

Let’s try to find out in the test!

At this point, many thanks to 1MORE for providing the Fit SE Open Earbuds S30 for this test.

Die 1MORE Fit SE Open Earbuds S30 im Test

The S30 are sports earbuds, according to marketing. In principle, however, these can be used in all situations.

The term “sports earphones” probably comes primarily from the ear hook. As already mentioned, the S30 do not use silicone attachments and generally do not penetrate your ear.

To ensure that they stay in place, a small silicone strap is used that goes around your auricle and holds the actual earphones at the level of your ear canal.

The earphones have a very simple design with a slightly shiny 1MORE logo on the back.

Due to the ear hook, the charging/transport box for the earphones obviously has to be a little larger. It measures 104.5 x 54.5 x 29.5 mm and weighs 81g. 81g with earbuds and 61g without earbuds. Accordingly, each earphone weighs around 10g.

The charging box is made of a simple but neat matte plastic.

The charging box is charged via USB C. The earphones last around 10 hours on one charge and can be charged twice via the charging box.

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The wearing comfort of the 1MORE Fit SE Open Earbuds S30 is exceptional! The earphones are simply placed over your ears using the ear hook.

You don’t feel anything in your ears, which is completely unusual. The ear hooks 0 bothered me.

Therefore, I would describe the wearing comfort as unusual, but wonderfully airy and light.

Sounded better than expected!

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything from the sound. There’s a reason why most true wireless earphones use silicone tips. These simply direct the sound much better and more directly into the ear and the sealing significantly improves bass.

Even the normal Apple AirPods, which are already in the ear but still do not have the silicone attachment, have this problem. What will happen then with the 1MORE S30?

If you are looking for the best possible sound, then the 1MORE S30 are not the right earphones for you.

However, the sound of this is a lot better than I feared!

The general sound characteristics are pleasant. The highs have a slightly warmer touch and are not super brilliant, but they are not too dull or dull that it bothers me.

The mids are even very good, voices are reproduced pleasantly and naturally. Voices appear more natural and “real” precisely because of the airy way they are worn.

It gets a little harder with the bass. The upper bass far exceeded my expectations. These are completely OK and give music a good amount of richness. However, as expected, the deep bass is rather weak. Not quite as weak as feared, but if you’re looking for earphones that produce really thunderous bass, you’ve come to the wrong place.

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The bass is okay and the general sound is quite satisfactory, but the form factor gives the 1MORE S30 a special sound. This is very airy and less direct.

The 1MORE S30 sound like little speakers you carry around on your shoulder, with all the advantages and disadvantages.


The 1MORE Fit SE Open Earbuds S30 are exceptional earphones! This is due to the way it is worn. You have nothing in your ears with the S30.

This is both an advantage and a curse. If you are looking for the best sound quality and especially the deepest bass, then these are not the right earphones for you. The sound quality of the S30 is decent, better than I feared, but viewed neutrally, it cannot compete with normal in-ears in the same price range.

We have solid highs, good mids and usable bass. When it comes to bass, the upper bass range is actually good, the deep bass is a bit thin, but that’s not surprising.

The earphones look to me as if you had two small speakers on your shoulder.

Especially if you don’t like earphones but don’t want to run around with headphones, the 1MORE Fit SE Open Earbuds S30 might be a really exciting option.

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