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Anson Lo Concert 2023 Public Sale|6 Tips to Grab Tickets|HKTicketing Link

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Anson Lo Concert 2023 Public Sale|6 Tips to Grab Tickets|HKTicketing Link

Anson Lo@MIRROR Solo Concert, 6.13 Public Sale Guide! HKTicketing’s 6 major ticket purchase strategies with links|MIRROR’s four sons will hold solo concerts in July and August. After Jer Liu Yingting, it will be the turn of the leader Anson Lo “”THE STAGE” IN MY SIGHT SOLO CONCERT 2023 “It will be held on July 23-25, and it will be officially announced that it will be officially sold on June 13. If you want to successfully snap up, you must pay attention to the following strategies.

Let’s get ready for our Mr. Stranger! Calling on everyone to prepare their hearts and devote themselves to Anson Lo’s passionate dance and singing! Let him lead everyone to dream together on the stage of Ping Ling Bang! Anson Lo will be held at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena from July 23rd to 25th. The previous MIRO venue was sold out within a short while, fans who still haven’t managed to grab tickets, don’t miss the public sale on June 13th!

Anson Lo@MIRROR Concert 2023 Direct Purchase Link👉HKTicketing

Anson Lo@MIRROR Concert Tickets, Seat Chart and Price Information

Official Announcement “Anson Lo@MIRROR Concert” seating chart and ticket prices and other information, $1080, $880 and $580.

Anson Lo@MIRROR Concert Dates

The Anson Lo@MIRROR concert will be performed from July 23rd to 25th, of which July 23rd is the MIRO concert.

Anson Lo@MIRROR Concert Public Sale Information

announced earlierAnson LoThe public sale of @MIRROR concert will be available at HKTicketing at 10 am on June 13.

The reporter has successfully snapped up tickets for different concerts on HKTicketing before, so of course I would like to share my snap-up experience with you as soon as possible.

Reporters who have always had a lot of experience in snatching tickets, such as MIRROR, Lin Jiaqian, Zhou Guoxian, Zhang Jingxuan, etc., who were recognized as difficult to grab tickets, all successfully snatched tickets. Even in this Eason Chan concert, he managed to grab a ticket, and even more successfully snapped up the “real position in the center of the first row of the audience”. This time, I would like to share the reporter’s experience and experience of successfully grabbing the Urbtix city network.

👇👇In the past, reporters have successfully snapped up concert tickets, including Blackpink, MC, Lin Youjia, Eason Chan, MIRROR, Lin Jiaqian, Zhou Guoxian, Zhang Jingxuan, etc.👇👇

Anson Lo@MIRROR Concert 2023 | 6 Tips to Grab Tickets

Tip 1|Prepare multiple different browsers for mobile phones, tablets and computers

To successfully grab HKTicketing, it is recommended to install multiple different Broswers on the computer at the same time, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, etc. The reporter will open “Chrome”, “Firefox” and “Safari” at the same time, and open three pages to try to log in at the same time.

When buying on the same day, the system will allow users to choose to enter the purchase “Jer Ryu Eung Yeon @MIRROR Concert 2023」, it will enter the queuing page according to the time. In addition, it is recommended that anyone with a mobile phone or iPad tablet open the app or webpage, and load it into the website together, so as to increase a few more opportunities.

(Of course, be careful and try to avoid too many machines under the same WiFi network grabbing at the same time)

Tip 2|Familiar with the ticketing process and be patient

There is a certain process for buying tickets. It is best to be familiar with the process before buying tickets, so that when buying tickets for a limited time, you will not waste time by doing too much or doing wrong things. After successfully logging in, first enter the authentication code (it is ok for members who do not need to log in), then select the number of sessions and tickets, and enter the credit card information to complete the purchase. Basically, if the location is selected successfully, the system will already be in hold, you just need to input carefully and slowly without making mistakes.

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Tip 3|Prepare different SIM cards

The biggest advantage of using a mobile phone or tablet is that you can insert a sim card to surf the Internet independently and use the network IP. First of all, the risk of being banned from the IP is reduced. Multiple mobile phones use different telecommunication providers, which can spread the risk.

Prepare multiple sim cards and use different IPs to grab the flight.

Tip 4 | Adapt to circumstances

In addition to being well-prepared, go to different online ticket purchases or fans club groups (such as FB or TG groups) during the rush-flying period to see how to adjust the rush-flying method for successful ticket purchase cases. Take the MIRROR public sale and Eason public sale as an example. At the beginning, Ah K mainly used his computer and iPhone to run the ticketing website, but later found that many fans successfully purchased through the computer browser, so he immediately switched to browsing. The weapon comes to snatch the flight. In the end, Eason successfully snapped up dozens of tickets in the public sale earlier.

In addition, it is also very important to change the flight grabbing strategy according to the passage of time. For example, if you arrive on time at 10 o’clock, you will of course grab the most beautiful seat on the best day, and if there are less than half of the seats left, you have to “retreat to the next best thing”. Choose weekdays and less beautiful positions (such as $680) for admission.

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Tip 5|Queue online 5-10 minutes earlier

On the day of the sale, because of the need to line up early, it is best to start preparing for the Internet at 9:50-55 in the morning.

Tip 6|Please prepare AE credit card

In terms of credit cards, the reporter suggested that using AE would be better than others, because most AE credit cards do not require SMS verification, and the previous cases of payment failures were all accidents when the credit card received the SMS verification code. fail. You can also consider some virtual credit cards such as MOX. It is also preferable to use the app instead of receiving SMS.

The most convenient part of AE is that most of them do not require SMS authentication and pay directly.

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