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Antares Vision Group acquires 15% of the tech startup Isinnova

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Antares Vision Group acquires 15% of the tech startup Isinnova

L’technological innovation has always been an important driver for the growth of Antares Vision Group: On an annual basis, 7-8% of revenues are invested in Research and developmentto which must be added the investments in startup tech. This is the direction taken by the announcement which sees the Italian multinational specialized in traceability and quality control acquire a share equal to 15% of the share capital of Isinnova Srl for a total value of 1.5 million euros.

The technological startup from Brescia by Cristian Fracassi proposes itself as a research and development center, and enabler of technological innovation with projects such as life saving oxygen masks during the Covid-19 emergency created by adapting a snorkel mask from a well-known sporting goods chain with a valve printed with 3D technology or the low-cost tibial and transfemoral prostheses for the more than three thousand war veterans in Ukraine.

In reality, the collaboration between Antares Vision Group and Isinnova is already active with theintelligent trolley engineering (Medication Management Platform) and with the so-called Pen Tec drone (a company that has been part of the AV Group since 2021), a unit that analyzes packaging gases.

Isinnova, the Italian incubator of innovative ideas

Founded in 2014, Isinnova defines itself as “Knowledge-Intensive Business Service” and plays the role of intermediaryto transfer ideas and technologies from one sector in which they are designed to another that has a technical requirement or a problem to solve.

Isinnova has established itself over time as one of the most dynamic, innovative and qualified incubators in Italia. The team is made up of a young group of designers, creatives and inventors, focused onproduct innovation. With a deep understanding of IoT technologies and 3D printing, the company is able to cover all stages of developing a business idea: conception, prototyping, industrialization and marketing. Furthermore, each project is developed with the maximum attention to social and ecological issues.

Knight of Merit of the Italian Republic for the Easy-Covid 19 project, Cristian Fracassi is the inventor of numerous patents and has a strong passion for novelties and the search for concrete solutions. In 2020 he received the “Mother Teresa Memorial Award for Social Justice 2020”, considered the Nobel Prize for social impact.

Antares Vision Group and Isinnova join forces to develop technological innovation

“With Isinnova, a company with which we are already collaborating on some projects, we continue to invest in innovation, trusting to jointly develop innovative solutions especially in the field of product quality control and focusing on the future evolution of the sectors in which we operate”, commented Massimo Bonardi, Co-CEO of Antares Vision Group.

“Our strength to develop innovation, especially in the medical field, goes well with the deep knowledge that Antares Vision Group has of this and other sectors – he added Cristian Fracassi, CEO and founder of Isinnova – We are convinced that the partnership will bring to AV Group new ideas to industrialize and propose to the market and to Isinnova new innovative projects on which to focus. Furthermore, – continues Fracassi – it gives both the opportunity to study the application of technologies used by various industrial sectors to diversify investments and validate innovation in multiple markets”.

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The agreement, signed today, provides for the appointment by Antares Vision Group of one member (out of three) or two (out of five) of the Board of Directors of Isinnova; the participation of Antares Vision Group in the Scientific Committee of Isinnova; research and development agreements for Isinnova’s commitment in the activities identified by AV Group; the ownership of the economic and exploitation rights of the inventions developed and the right of first refusal by Antares Vision for the analysis and exploitation (through the purchase of exclusive licenses, with the relative payment of royalties), of the further inventions and developments of Isinnova.

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