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Ario is a video game that doesn’t deserve us (fortunately)

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Ario is a video game that doesn’t deserve us (fortunately)

You may have guessed it from the title, this one Silver it won’t be one review flattering. On the contrary. Released on April 1st – and perhaps this should have already made us foresee a huge joke – for this title developed by Vata Games We didn’t have very high expectations.

Spoiler: he managed to disappoint those too, and now we’ll try to understand why.

The game is essentially a platform in 2D. Or rather 2.5D, given that there is an element of three-dimensionality which however we can never exploit in the movement of our protagonist. The story revolves around the character of Ario, a young man who finds himself fighting the soldiers of a mysterious evil force who has kidnapped his mother.

Ario’s review: what we thought of the video game

Having installed the game on PlayStation 5, the disappointment (and confusion) began at the first launch: the game is set by default in Persian. Don’t ask us why, we don’t know.

The first big problem was therefore struggling with a complex translation operation to understand how to access the language settings. Once again: it was April 1st, some alarm bells had rung.

Once the first quest was completed (i.e. that of setting the game in English) we found ourselves in front of the tutorial that explains the basics of the game. Like the most classic platformer, the mechanics are consolidated: salta, attack e attack while jumping. Added to these is the possibility of shooting arrows and bombs with our bow, with an aiming system that we thought had disappeared for decades (and which unfortunately we found again in Ario).

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Oh no, a bug

However, not even the time to understand how to use the bow, which un gigantorme bug stopped the gaming experience: an area of ​​the game was not accessible. We had to restart, while the April Fools’ hypothesis took more and more shape in our minds.

After finally completing the tutorial, our journey finally began with a premiere static cutscene. From here we begin the missions, which are almost identical to each other, if it weren’t for the settings and the variety of enemies.

In reality, when you don’t encounter absurd bugs and bizarre cutscenes in Persian (?), the game is also enjoyable, with not too subtle references to Prince of Persia. The problem is that the comparison with Prince of Persia only serves to further tarnish Vata Games’ title.

Ario’s review: 2D? 3D? Let’s do 2.5 and get everyone to agree

The The settings in Ario are very nice. They are perhaps the best aspect of the game, given that the fighting and parkour never really feel fun. Here too, however, there is no shortage of elements to ruin the party.

The three-dimensionality of the background it would allow us to predict interactions with the scene (from which the title would certainly have benefited). But no, our Ario – who by the way speaks only and exclusively a language unknown to us which we assume could be invented Persian – it can only move horizontally, except for some specific areas where it moves obliquely.

Is it all worth throwing away?

Are we bad if we say yes? The story is somewhat banal, the repetitive gameplayo and the cutscenes in Persian don’t help make the game engaging and immersive. There are brief flashes of pleasantness – on some levels – immersed in a climate of constant desperation, over which the ghost of April Fools’ Day constantly hovers.

If you’re a fan of 2D platformers you might appreciate it. But once again: if you are a fan of 2D platformers you will certainly have much more exciting titles to dedicate yourself to.

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Feel free to try it and tell us your opinion, but be aware that this game is not an April Fool’s joke. Unfortunately.

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