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Business process management al DocsMarshal Day

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Business process management al DocsMarshal Day

Il March 20th in Bedizzole we will talk about innovation, technology, AI and Business process management through testimonials and success stories with DocsMarshal.

The appointment is from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm, at Palazzo Gambara, in Bedizzole (BS). It will be an opportunity to reflect together with experts and leaders in the sector on the potential of technologies to support humans, on the importance of the correct management of resources and processes within the company and on the integration of AI within the of the BPM thanks to DocsMarshal and its application in heterogeneous fields, such as: design, food and healthcare.

Among the guests who will take turns on the dDay 2024 stage: Luca Cavedaghi, CEO of Cualeva; Laura Leorati, Grants & Financial Manager of DIM Group; Andrea Bonardi, CTO of the Clerici Group; Luca Zanirato, Technical Manager of the Clerici Group; Francesca Periti, Project Manager of Cualeva; Nicola Napoletano, Head of Business & Artificial Intelligence Area of ​​Casillo Group; Giacinto Fiore and Pasquale Viscanti, Co-Founder of AI Explained Simple & AI WEEK; Andrea Dester, Project Manager of Cualeva; Marco Varelli, CEO and Lab Manager of the Varelli Diagnostic Institute. The conference will be moderated by Eleonora Chioda, professional journalist and innovation expert.

Luca Cavedaghi, CEO of Cualeva
According to the recent Business Process Management Industry Size report by Markets and Markets, the BPM market will reach $14.4 billion by 2025, with an annual growth rate of 10.5%. Among the main growth drivers in the sector, it is not surprising that there are: the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning for the automation of business activities and the reduction of manual errors.
The objective of DocsMarshal Day is precisely to convey the importance for companies of optimizing processes, managing data, time and internal and external resources, thanks to automated systems, through case histories and testimonies of realities that range in every sector and which for that day will be represented by food, healthcare, up to design, who have adopted our platform and who have seen working conditions significantly improve and not only productivity, but also company quality increase.

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