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Comparison: The best cell phone tariffs with a cell phone in February 2024

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Comparison: The best cell phone tariffs with a cell phone in February 2024

In our comparison you will find the cheapest mobile phone tariffs of the month. PR/Business Insider

There are many cell phone tariffs and the offers, conditions and services change every month. So that you can get an overview, here is a comparison with the best cell phone tariffs with a smartphone in February 2024. When choosing your new cell phone tariff with a cell phone, you should pay attention to criteria such as the amount of data volume, number of free minutes, network coverage and contract term .

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Finding a cell phone tariff with a cell phone that is tailored to your needs and at the same time has favorable conditions is not that easy… there are too many providers, tariffs and conditions for that.

February 2024: Compare cell phone tariffs with cell phones

The best way to find out which mobile phone tariff with device is right for you is to use our clear comparison. Simply state your requirements and your desired cell phone and scroll through the offers. You can also find detailed instructions on how to use our mobile phone tariff comparison in this table.


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This is how you use the cell phone tariff comparison:

First, find your dreamSmartphone from: Whether it should be the new iPhone or the current Samsung Galaxy S generation – the selection of new smartphones is large. Determine your desiredStorage space between 64 gigabytes and one terabyte. Define yours Rates-Type: Do you need one? Allnet-Flat or not? If you want to keep your old cell phone number, you can now Keep phone number choose. When it comes to a cell phone contract with a cell phone, it’s not insignificant for many people: choose your preferred one Color. Now you can set the height of the Additional payment limit, which is due once upon conclusion of the contract. In the next step you can specify how high your data volume should be: Anything between four gigabytes and unlimited is possible. That too Mobile network Your choice is a search parameter: Telekom, Vodafone or Telefónica? In the additional search options you can still determine that tariffs with SMS-Flatrate, exclusively 5G tariffs and or Young people tariffs should be displayed.

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What you should pay attention to when choosing a cell phone tariff

When choosing the tariff, you should base it on your needs. For example, if you talk on the phone often, you need enough Free minutes. Are even better Flat rates. But if you prefer to surf the Internet, you are on a mobile phone tariff with a high rate data volume and good Network coverage reliant. Basically, you should consider these five things when doing your research:

1. Amount of data volume

You can check how much data volume you use each month on your current provider’s website and decide how much data volume you will need in the future. With providers like Congstar you also have the option of changing your data volume (monthly) and thus adapting it individually.

2. Telephone-Flat

It is important to many of you enough free minutes to make phone calls. Some providers, such as AldiTalk, only allow calls in the same network (from AldiTalk to AldiTalk) and not to all German landlines or mobile networks or abroad. If you have an all-net flat rate, you can use it according to the „Roam like at home“-The principle is that you can always make calls abroad and abroad as if you were at home. So it falls no additional costs an.

3. Speed

If you rely on fast internet when you’re on the go, you shouldn’t ignore internet speed either. To surf quickly, a speed of 21.6 MBit/s (which corresponds to the 3G label) is usually sufficient.

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4. Network coverage

Another point that you should consider when choosing a telephone provider is the respective network coverage. Many providers provide network coverage maps on their website, where you can see how good the telephone connection is in various locations. The Federal Network Agency’s mobile phone card is also a good guide for assessing the quality of your cell phone reception.

5. Minimum contract term

Most cell phone contracts with cell phones have a minimum term of 24 months. Find out about the notice period in good time so that you don’t get caught in a cost trap. If you want to be flexible, you should choose a tariff that can be canceled on a monthly basis.

Cell phone tariff with cell phone: What are the advantages?

If you choose a cell phone plan with a cell phone, you will pay for one over a period of two years monthly flat rate. At the end of this time you will have the device paid off. The specified minimum term is less flexible, but it has the advantage that it means you saves money. According to Stiftung Warentest, a new smartphone is significantly cheaper if you buy it together with a tariff. However, you should read your contract Cancel immediately after the minimum term has expiredotherwise you will end up paying too much.

Another advantage of tariffs with a cell phone is this Free repair service from the providerif the device is damaged and the defect is covered by the statutory warranty claim.

Of course, we don’t want to withhold one advantage of cell phone tariffs without a cell phone from you at this point: The advantage of tariffs without a device is that they can be canceled on a monthly basis and therefore you have more freedom. This makes sense if, for example, you don’t need a new smartphone or you don’t want to be tied to one provider for a long time.

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