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Everspace 2 Console Version Launching on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X, Included with Game Pass

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Everspace 2 Console Version Launching on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X, Included with Game Pass

Title: Everspace 2 Heading to Consoles with Game Pass Integration

Subtitle: Rockfish Games’ CEO praises Game Pass deal for providing additional development time

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Everspace 2, the highly anticipated space shooter game, is making its way to consoles, marking a significant milestone more than two years after its PC Early Access debut and official full release in April. The console launch trailer has finally unveiled the release date, scheduled for May 15th on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X.

Excitingly, Everspace 2 will be included in the popular subscription service, Game Pass, right from its launch day. In a recent appearance on the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, Rockfish Games CEO Michael Schade discussed the benefits of this integration, emphasizing the extended development time it offers.

“We could have made Everspace 2 without Xbox Game Pass, but it would have been a smaller game,” said Schade during the podcast. He further explained how the licensing fee associated with launching PC Game Pass in the Game Preview program provided them with additional resources. “And then you get a big chunk of the license, which allows us to work on the game for another nine months…”

Schade emphasized that the Game Pass deal, combined with other revenue streams, has allowed them to extend the production time by an impressive nine to twelve months. This extended development period enables Rockfish Games to create a better and more refined gaming experience.

Calling Game Pass “one of the best deals in the industry,” Schade dispelled concerns about potential negative impacts on PC sales. He asserted that the subscription service had not hindered Everspace 2’s PC sales, highlighting that the benefits of Game Pass extend beyond just its subscribers.

“So, yeah – it’s maximum flexibility, extra money, you just make a better game. Everybody’s happy! Even everyone who doesn’t use Game Pass gets a better game. So, even PlayStation fans will get better games on PS5 thanks to the Game Pass deal,” stated Schade enthusiastically.

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Both Rockfish Games and Everspace 2 enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the console launch and the added boost from the Game Pass integration. With its immersive space combat, stunning visuals, and extended development time thanks to Game Pass, Everspace 2 is set to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience to console players.

Source: Pure Xbox.

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