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Fast router for residential connectivity

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Fast router for residential connectivity

For residential connectivity and SME needs coming from Cambium the new RV22 Wi-Fi 6 Home Mesh Router, a fast, stable and easily manageable solution. RV22 consists of a new Wi-Fi 6 router, cloud workflows designed to reduce the complexity, a brandable Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and a dedicated application for subscribers. This app provides performance data and self-help tools managed by the user himself. RV22 works as part of Cambium’s ONE Network platform, enabling exceptional Wi-Fi experiences and requiring fewer IT resources and staff from the service provider or corporate IT manager.

The importance of the antenna

Daran Hermans, Product Line Manager, Enterprise Wi-Fi di Cambium Networks
The RV22 Wi-Fi 6 Home Mesh Router features a unique, high-efficiency antenna, designed to provide better coverage and high throughput at a distance. When it comes to media streaming, connected IoT devices or mesh networks, everything start with a great antenna, and that’s exactly what the RV22 is equipped with. This makes it easier to support HD video streams, web browsing and security cameras on the same system.

This super efficient router

It will route if integra seamlessly with the Cambium Networks cnMaestro management system. It also integrates with last mile fiber infrastructure and point-to-point and point-to-multipoint fixed wireless products. It also has coordination automatic frequencies, content filtering, device sleep times, guest networking and useful tools to optimize the Wi-Fi experience. Both the RV22 hardware and the user application can be branded to support and promote the service provider’s business.

There are many advantages offered by the system

The Cambium Networks RV22 Wi-Fi 6 home mesh router solution features:

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Wi-Fi coverage and ultra-fast speeds, designed to reduce al minimum equipment costs and installation complexity. A single RV22 easily covers an area of ​​almost 300 square metres.
iduction of troubleshooting and repair times and reduction of field interventions. cnMaestro simplifies configuration and provisioning and allows the service provider to create a customized service. The user app offers accurate data and useful management tools.

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