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February 9, 2024

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The internet can’t do anything about it

I talk to my mother about working and doing nothing. She says: “The internet is already a problem. It’s often difficult for me not to say anything when you’re lying on the radiator all day doing something on the computer and I don’t know whether that’s work or pleasure. That’s not healthy!”

I say: “But that mainly has to do with attitude, right? So if I were to do the exact same thing at a desk in a serious working position,” (I do ten-finger typing gestures) “would that bother you too?”

No, the mother admits, that would be work that there is nothing wrong with. “For me, lying down is the epitome of being lazy, and if someone is constantly lying down, then that’s not work for me.”

(Kathrin Passig, written while lying on a heater)

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