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Fighting Special Attack 2 players found that a certain virtual item in the game is more expensive than the real world peripheral goods

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Fighting Special Attack 2 players found that a certain virtual item in the game is more expensive than the real world peripheral goods

In “Overwatch 2”, which was officially launched in early October, the Blizzard Entertainment team officially changed the buyout system of the original “Overwatch” to completely free for this team competitive shooting game, but at the same time, the team also The “loot box” system that has caused various controversies in recent years has been completely removed, and a new game currency “Duzhen Coin” that allows players to buy directly with money has been added to the game in exchange for “Battle Pass” and other items in the mall Customize appearance content. However, the pricing of these customized products quickly caused a lot of controversy among players. Even though these appearances will not bring any advantages to players, the excessively expensive prices still make many players dissatisfied. And according to the latest discoveries of players, some “digital decorations” that appear in “Overwatch 2” are even more expensive than the official physical peripheral products.

This rather bewildering situation was first spotted by a Reddit user, as reported by the VG27/7 website. In the game mall of “Overwatch 2”, players can purchase “Peach Octopus”-themed weapon ornaments at the price of 700 Douzhen coins, which is a mascot that exists in the game world view, and the current version of Douzhen For the price of array coins, 700 coins are equivalent to about 7 US dollars. However, the real “peach octopus” key ring ornament can be bought in Blizzard’s peripheral store for only 5 US dollars.

It is worth mentioning that if players want to buy 700 Douzhen coins that can be exchanged for the “Peach Octopus” pendant in “Overwatch 2”, they can still only choose from several official purchase plans , the lowest option in the current version is 1000 Douzhen Coins for $10, and players still cannot directly specify the number of Douzhen Tokens they want to buy. And although players can indeed get Douzhen Coins by completing the weekly challenge tasks of “Special Attack 2” without spending money, players can only get up to 60 Douzhen Coins per week, which means that if you want to If you want to change to the “Peach Octopus” charm for free, then the player only needs to complete all the weekly challenges for 12 consecutive weeks to save enough Douzhen coins.

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In the original version of “Overwatch”, players only need to upgrade their level to get a “loot box” that will randomly draw 4 customized props, and when it comes to special festivals, players can also get it in the same way In addition to special boxes that contain limited content, players can also purchase a large number of loot boxes directly for money. In addition to customizing the appearance, players also have the opportunity to draw gold coins directly from the box, and when duplicate content is drawn, the system will automatically replace the player with these gold coins that can be used to directly purchase specified items. However, after the “loot box” mechanism was completely cancelled, and the gold coins were replaced with “fighting coins”, it became more difficult to obtain such currencies.

“Overwatch 2” has completely changed the game’s monetization policy. Without the loot box mechanism, players no longer have the opportunity to get special shapes or decorations for festivals for free. Instead, they must go to the game store to spend money during the event. Buy. There is even a dilemma that such virtual props are more expensive than real peripheral products.

Even though it has caused a lot of controversy among players due to the monetization policy this month when it was officially launched, faced DDoS attacks at one point, and even had a bug that caused many hero characters to be temporarily shut down, “Overwatch 2” is still It has brought excellent player count performance, even surpassing the daily player count of the original game when it was launched.

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