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Foreign media: These 16 Windows software you must try in 2024

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Foreign media: These 16 Windows software you must try in 2024

With so many software options available for Windows users, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones for your needs. That’s why foreign media outlet PCWorld recently released a list of 16 Windows software that you definitely should not miss in 2024.

The list covers a wide range of usage needs, from AI artificial intelligence tools to Windows system optimization, power-saving software, security programs, office applications, and multimedia tools. Some of the noteworthy recommendations include:

– AI artificial intelligence: Tools like NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI, Pinokio, and Upscayl are recommended for generating AI images, simplifying installation processes, and enlarging images using AI technology.

– Windows system optimization: Software like Microsoft Powertoys, Winaero Tweaker, HWinfo, and Driver Easy can help optimize Windows performance, customize appearance settings, gather hardware information, and update hardware drivers efficiently.

– Power-saving: Programs like Monitorian, Tweak Power, and Wise Auto Shutdown can help users manage screen brightness, control power settings, and schedule automatic shutdowns for energy-saving purposes.

– Windows security: Recommendations include R-Drive Image for data backup, Bitwarden for password management, and Neushield Data Sentinel for protecting data from ransomware attacks.

– Office software: PCWorld suggests using the file search tool Docfetcher for quick and efficient file searches in selected folders.

– Multimedia software: Cutout Pro for object removal in photos and Capcut for video editing on social media platforms are also mentioned as useful tools.

Overall, the recommended software on PCWorld’s list offers a variety of solutions for different Windows users’ needs, with many of them available for free. Whether you’re looking to improve system performance, enhance security measures, or streamline multimedia editing tasks, there’s something for everyone on this comprehensive list.

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