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Former Blizzard boss causes a stir with his suggestion

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Former Blizzard boss causes a stir with his suggestion

For many services it is customary to give a certain tip in addition to the purchase price. This approach could also be transferred to the gaming industry – at least says the ex-boss of Blizzard.

Originalbild: Horizon Zero Dawn (Guerrilla Games)

Mike Ybarra caused concern with his statements on the short message platform X for lively discussions. There he published the idea of ​​a kind of tipping function for video games. Anyone who is particularly enthusiastic about a game can provide additional support to the developers.

He himself has played a few such titles in the recent past. At the end of the games, he often thought that they were worth more than the estimated $70 and that he would like to give those in charge even more. He cited “Horizon Zero Dawn”, “God of War”, “Red Dead Redemption 2”, “Baldur’s Gate 3” and “Elden Ring” as examples.

With the exception of “Red Dead Redemption 2”, all titles are first-class single-player games without microtransactions. Or as Ybarra describes it: games that wouldn’t have tried to rip him off every second. And that can certainly be rewarded with tips.

“I know most people won’t like this idea,” the former Blizzard boss concludes. And he’s right about that. In the comments under the posting you can mostly read critical voices. Some complain that a tip would not go to the developers anyway, but only to the company bosses. In addition, Ybarra herself would have had the chance to change something at Blizzard in the past – but she didn’t take advantage of it.

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But there are also constructive ideas. As one comment puts it: “How about once you finish the game, you get the opportunity to give away the game on the respective platform at a discounted price?”. The community would also benefit from this.

What do you think of a tipping feature in video games? Please let us know in the comments!


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