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free visits in more than 260 medical centers |

There are now over 260 healthcare facilities participating in the (H) Open Week, promoted by the Onda ETS Foundation, which aims to promote theinformation, prevention and care of women’s health. These are the centers of the Pink Sticker network. From 18 to 24 April you can book a free consultation or visit. All services offered with information on dates, times and booking methods on the site www.bollinirosa.it

Women’s health: which visits can I book?

On the occasion of National Women’s Health Day it will therefore be possible to book clinical services, diagnostic and information tests (in person and remotely) in various specialist areas including:

cardiology, colonproctology, dermatology, diabetology, dietetics and nutrition, endocrinology and metabolic diseases, gynecology and obstetrics, medical oncology, psychiatry and in the context of courses dedicated to violence against women.

It is essential to continue to have a focus on women’s health

«Now in its ninth edition, the (H) Open week once again underlines how fundamental it is to continue to deal with women’s health as a value in itself and as a social value, inviting us to act more and more concretely. A cause that we have felt ours since the then Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin established the day dedicated to women’s health and always honored from there. The hospitals of the Bollino Rosa network participating in the initiative offer a week of free services such as visits, telephone consultations, remote events and interviews, info points and distribution of information material for bring the female population closer to increasingly early diagnoses and personalized treatment paths“. Francesca Merzagora is President of the Onda ETS Foundation.

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Often the symptoms of diseases also have gender differences

The network intends to promote, even within hospitals, a “gender” approach in the definition and strategic planning of clinical care services, which is essential to guarantee the right to health not only of women but also of men. In fact, we know that for various diseases even the symptoms are different depending on the gender. An example above all, those concerning cardiovascular diseases.

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