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G-SHOCK’s latest Hidden Glow series is officially launched

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G-SHOCK’s latest Hidden Glow series is officially launched

“G-SHOCK Unveils New Hidden Glow Series with Luminous Transformation”

G-SHOCK has introduced a new Hidden Glow series, which features a luminous transformation for the popular GA-2100 series. The series includes models such as the GA-2100HD-8A, DW-6900HD-8, and GA-700HD-8A, all of which showcase a dial with resin parts impregnated with phosphorescent material that glows green in the dark.

This upgrade marks the first major change to the GA-2100 series since its launch in 2019. The Hidden Glow series showcases a futuristic neon green color theme, encouraging wearers to reveal their hidden potential. The design combines an industrial-style matte gray body with a white surface, a black inverted LED display, and bio-based resin components in the bezel and strap to reduce environmental impact.

The Hidden Glow series blends G-SHOCK’s classic design heritage with 90s aesthetics, highlighting each model’s unique surface contours through the new luminous design. The GA-2100HD-8A, DW-6900HD-8, and GA-700HD-8A models offer different sizes and features, including shock-resistant construction, 20 bar waterproofing, and Super Light LED.

Interested buyers can now purchase the Hidden Glow series on the G-SHOCK Hong Kong and Taiwan official websites and major specialty stores. Dive into the world of G-SHOCK’s Hidden Glow series and let your style shine in the dark.

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