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Goddess of Records 5 Tactics Edition: A Comprehensive Report on the Exciting New RPG by Seya Co., Ltd.

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Goddess of Records 5 Tactics Edition: A Comprehensive Report on the Exciting New RPG by Seya Co., Ltd.

Seya Co., Ltd. has announced the release of Part 2 (Part.1) of the highly anticipated game, “Goddess of Records 5 Tactics Edition”, developed by ATLUS. This comprehensive report includes details about the game’s world view and introduces three main characters. The game is set to be released on November 17, 2023 (Friday) and will be available on multiple platforms such as Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Nintendo SwitchTM, and Steam.

“Persona 5 Tactics” is a strategy simulation RPG that builds on the success of the popular “Persona 5” series. The game follows the story of a group of teenage “Phantom Thieves”, who lead a double life as students during the day and as vigilante “Phantom Thieves” at night. The game has garnered a huge following and has sold over 9 million sets globally. The latest installment in the series, “Persona 5 Tactics”, not only continues the classic combat elements of the previous games but also introduces a thrilling cooperative battle system.

The game’s story revolves around the mysterious girl named “Elu the Revolutionary” who rescues the protagonist’s group, offering them a deal to assist in a revolution. Players will embark on a revolutionary journey with the Phantom Thieves as they strive to save the world and make evil adults repent. The game promises an immersive and dramatic experience.

Additionally, Seya Co., Ltd. has launched the information program “Persona 5 Strategy Edition Nyahoo! News”. The program, hosted by Morgana, a member of the “Phantom Thieves of Heart”, provides the latest news and updates about “Persona 5 Tactics Edition”. The first episode with traditional Chinese subtitles is now available.

The report also provides an introduction to the game’s world view and story. The Phantom Thieves find themselves teleported to a mysterious different world called the “Kingdom”, where they are attacked by soldiers. The group is later brainwashed, but the leader of the revolutionary army, Ai Lu, comes to their rescue. With Ai Lu’s help, they manage to escape pursuit and discover that the “Kingdom” is not what it seems. They must solve the mysteries and regain consciousness of their brainwashed members.

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The ruler of the “Kingdom”, Marie, has a peculiar objective—to hold a grand wedding. The kingdom is controlled by an armed group led by the tyrant Truth and the Kingdom Soldiers. JOKER and Morgana form an alliance with the Revolutionary Army to save their friends and uncover the truth behind the kingdom’s oppressive regime.

The article also introduces the main characters of the game, including Ryuji Sakamoto, who is known for his Persona, Captain Kidd. Ryuji is a problem child with a strong sense of justice and courage. Kyou Takahashi, whose Persona is Carmen, is a mixed-race individual who joins the Phantom Thieves to fight against evil adults. Toshiro Kasukabe, a young member of parliament and rumored to be the next prime minister, becomes involved with the Phantom Thieves after being imprisoned in the different world.

Pre-orders for “Persona 5 Tactics Edition” are now available on various platforms. Players who pre-purchase the game will receive a limited-time bonus, including the DLC that enables them to summon the special personas “Orpheus‧Thief God” and “Izanagi‧Thief God”. The article advises readers that the content of the early purchase bonus may be subject to change.

The game is set to be released on November 17, 2023, and will be available in multiple languages, including Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

For more information and updates, interested readers can visit the official website of SEGA Asia or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Weibo.


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