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Here is V15s Detect Submarine, the first Dyson floor cleaner different from the others

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Here is V15s Detect Submarine, the first Dyson floor cleaner different from the others

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The innovation is all there, in the brush. We disassembled, reassembled and ‘played’ with the V15s Detect Submarine, the Dyson electric broom which, in addition to vacuuming, also washes. Despite the name Submarine, the motorized microfibre roller is evenly wetted by 8 jets of water, stored in a 300ml tank. The accessory, which does not use suction, turns and discharges the dirty water into a larger 360 ml compartment, also storing any dirt found. Let’s start by saying that, if you have two small destructive cats at home, it works well. Get rid of sauce stains and spills from the kitchen table onto the floor. You pass twice, back and forth over the same point. There is no way to adjust the water jet, so don’t expect a mop or wet cloth effect. For quick things it is always better to use the classic sponge under the tap and pass it hard on the stain, while for larger damages, such as those caused by dogs, cats, children or clumsy adults, the wet cleaning offered by Dyson is excellent, also as a finishing touch. It can be cleaned only with water, without the use of foaming detergents. Furthermore, the operation of emptying the dirty tank is not at all complex. Maintenance of the brush is completely manual: you must dismantle the brush and proceed with washing, being careful not to tilt the tank too much.

In terms of construction quality, we remember that Dyson is the Apple of this type of appliances. The V15s Submarine is made to work on any hard surface (obviously not carpets or other similar materials), from parquet to ceramic, to terracotta, to any type of floor.

The V15s Detect Submarine was born as a two-in-one device, integrating suction and washing. What changes is the brush, as we said. Unfortunately, the Dyson Submarine roller is not compatible, due to a firmware issue, with other Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners, including the current V15. This means that you cannot upgrade the vacuum cleaner that you may already own.

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However, full marks for the removal of human hair and animal hair. You will find the classic brush with green LEDs which helps you see dust clearly, the anti-tangle one for hair and animal hair, and a conical one, again for hair, but smaller and suitable, for example, for sofas.

As an electric broom, it is really light and comfortable. The system automatically detects the amount of dirt, increasing suction.

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