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How much does AppleCare+ cost? Should I buy an iPhone or Apple Watch?

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How much does AppleCare+ cost?  Should I buy an iPhone or Apple Watch?

As long as you buy Apple products, many netizens will come to private message to ask us, if you buy the latest iPhone 14, Apple Watch Ultra or Mac, do you want to buy additional AppleCare+? How much does AppleCare+ cost? How to buy it? This article will help you organize AppleCare+ related information.

Why do you need AppleCare+?

As long as you buy Apple hardware products, including iPhone, Mac, AirPods, etc… Apple will provideOne-year limited warrantyas well asNo additional charges for up to 90 daysTechnical support services, but this year’s limited warranty is limited to “non-human damage”. If the iPhone is damaged by humans such as soaking in water, cracking the screen, etc., it will be based on the Taiwan repair price listed on Apple’s official website Meter charges, and the cost of each repair will make your jaw drop.

we start with iPhone 14 Repair CostsLet’s see how much it will cost to repair the product when it is out of warranty:

Screen Repair (Front Only)

Per yearUnlimitedAccidental Damage Warranty Service

The one-year warranty provided after the product itself is purchased, if anynon-artificialCaused by hardware problems, such as Apple products out of the box or battery swelling, can befreeGet replacement or repair.

If you purchase an additional AppleCare+ service plan, you can extend the warranty service time of Apple’s original product.And Apple adjusts its repair policy this year, as long as After September 7, 2022Purchased AppleCare+ products, from the original accidental damage warranty service provided 2 times every 12 months, toUnlimitedFor the accidental damage warranty service, you only need to charge the deductible each time, that is to say, if you have purchased the Apple Care+ service, as long as you encounter problems such as iPhone screen replacement or damage to the back glass, you only need to charge NT$900and any other part of the damage is only charged NT$3,200, which is very cheap.

* iPhone models before iPhone 12 and iPhone SE cannot be repaired with back glass

What’s the difference between AppleCare and AppleCare+?

Since 2019, the insurance name for Apple products has been changed to AppleCare+the original AppeCare has entered the history.

AppleCare+ is underwritten by AIG Taiwan, a Singaporean company, and Apple is responsible for maintenance services. AppleCare+ can provide iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, etc. Service projects for different devices can extend the warranty period. In the event of problems with Apple devices, additional hardware warranty services can be provided, and accidental damage caused by human beings can also be repaired at a cheaper price.

Apple Care+

The difference between the two is explained as follows:

  • AppleCare (discontinued): If the Apple product is damaged within three years, it can be repaired free of charge; if it is artificially damaged, use itoriginal pricerepair.
  • AppleCare+: If the Apple product is damaged within three years, it can be repaired free of charge; if it is artificially damaged, use itdiscountpricerepair.

When should I add AppleCare+?

    • Apple’s official insurance needs to be inTaiwanpurchased product within 60 days(from the date of purchase)
    • The add-on period varies from country to country.
    • More than 60 days (365 days) to Deyi Digital

How to buy AppleCare+

  1. Go to an Apple Store (will check your Apple product and proof of purchase)
  2. Call 0800-095-988 (requires remote diagnostics and proof of purchase)
  3. Go to Apple Authorized Reseller – Deyi Digital
Apple Xinyi A13 store

AppleCare+ prices in 2022

Apple does not disclose the AppleCare+ price of each product, so you have to go to an Apple direct-operated store or call Apple customer service for inquiries. According to several new products launched by Apple, we call Apple customer service to inquire about the price of AppleCare+ and share it with you for your reference:

  • iPhone 14 Pro / 14 Pro Max

Under what circumstances, even with AppleCare+, Apple will not repair it?

    1. Damage caused by using non-Apple accessories
    2. Products that have not been disassembled by Apple or Apple-authorized personnel

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