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Infinite Machine, the futuristic non-car to move around the city

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Infinite Machine, the futuristic non-car to move around the city

Introducing the P1 by Infinite Machine: A Revolutionary Electric Personal Vehicle

As the world seeks more sustainable transportation options, the industry is ripe for innovation. Enter Infinite Machine, a company whose mission is to create the most irresistible non-cars on Earth.

Their first product, the P1, is an electric personal vehicle that combines cutting-edge industrial design with impressive performance. Made of steel and aluminum, the P1 has a maximum speed of 88.5 km/h and a range of 96.5 km. Available in silver and black, it does not require a special license to be driven on the street.

The inspiration for the P1 came from the bustling streets of New York City. According to Infinite Machine, the vehicle embodies the city’s “flowing energy, fierce creativity, and brutal elegance.”

The company believes that it’s time for a new era in transportation, one that moves away from traditional cars and towards smarter, more sustainable alternatives. With the energy consumption and environmental impact of traditional cars in mind, Infinite Machine is striving to create inspiring alternatives like the P1.

The P1 has already generated significant interest, with the first batch of a thousand units already sold out. The company promises to continue pushing the boundaries of green transportation and style with future releases.

Infinite Machine’s P1 represents a leap towards a more sustainable and stylish future of transportation, and it’s clear that the world is ready for this innovative new approach.

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