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iOS 17.4 improves view of iPhone battery health

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iOS 17.4 improves view of iPhone battery health

Apple Introduces New Battery Features in iOS 17.4 Update

In the upcoming iOS 17.4 update, Apple has introduced significant new features related to the battery settings on the iPhone. This improvement comes after the launch of the fourth beta and is set to be released in approximately two weeks.

One of the key updates in iOS 17.4 is the improved battery health view, which is exclusive to the iPhone 15. This feature can be found within the settings under “Settings > Battery > Battery health and charging.” Instead of displaying the percentage of battery health, the status now appears in letters, with “Normal” indicating good battery health. Users can access more detailed information about the battery’s condition within this section.

Additionally, the iPhone 15 now displays charging cycles, with the update increasing the number of cycles necessary to reach 80% battery health from 500 to 1000. Apple’s tests have shown that the iPhone 15 battery degrades less than expected, resulting in the need for a higher number of charging cycles.

The iOS 17.4 update is anticipated to be one of the most important updates to date, as it also brings the ability to use alternative application stores on the iPhone. Other notable features in the update include choosing the default browser upon opening Safari, new emojis, CarPlay improvements, stopwatch enhancements, transcriptions in Apple Podcast, SharePlay on the HomePod, support for streaming game apps in the App Store, and the ability to transform a SIM into an eSIM with more operators.

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The update is generating significant buzz, with many users eager to explore the new battery features and other enhancements available in iOS 17.4. Stay tuned for the official release of the update in the coming weeks.

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