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Magic 6 Pro: Honor succeeds in a small battery revolution

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Magic 6 Pro: Honor succeeds in a small battery revolution

With the Magic 6 Pro, Honor will soon introduce its new top smartphone. This time a small battery revolution is supposed to take place there. The Chinese company has decided to use a silicon-carbon battery, which is said to offer significant advantages in some situations.

Honor Magic 6 Pro with new battery

Honor will introduce its new Magic 6 smartphone series on February 25, 2024, using new battery technology. A silicon-carbon battery is probably used in the top model Magic 6 Pro, which has several advantages:

Compared to conventional battery technologies, the silicon-carbon battery is said to be a higher battery performance, service life and shorter charging times offer. The carbon nanostructure should also ensure that the Battery more stable and more powerful is. This is intended to guarantee a more reliable energy supply over a longer period of time. Honor promises one higher power density and thus reduced times on the power supply. With the Honor also installs a special chip in the E1, which is responsible for the new battery. This means that the battery should work more reliably at low temperatures of up to -20 degrees and be charged and discharged more efficiently. The chip should also be able to read the remaining capacity more accurately (source: mobiFlip).

It remains to be seen whether the difference in the end is really that big compared to other manufacturers. But the development is still commendable, because some smartphone batteries have a hard time, especially in the cold. If Honor can improve this case with the silicon-carbon battery alone, that would be a big win.

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Honor recently introduced a really crazy folding cell phone:

New Honor smartphones at MWC 2024

Just like Xiaomi, Honor will use MWC 2024 in Barcelona to present the new Magic 6 series. There should not only be a Pro model, but also a cheaper version. Honor puts a lot of focus on the camera with the Magic 6 Pro. The company has already revealed this in advance. So it will be interesting to see if the company can claim the camera throne this year. You can already register at Honor if you are interested in the Magic 6 Pro (check it out at Honor).

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