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Microsoft invests €3.2 billion in AI – pushes responsible sustainability greentech

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Microsoft invests €3.2 billion in AI – pushes responsible sustainability greentech

Microsoft is investing 3.2 billion euros to promote AI infrastructure and cloud capacities as well as sustainability and green tech in Germany

Microsoft today announced the largest investment in its 40-year history in Germany to accelerate the opportunities and benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Federal Republic. Microsoft will expand its data centers for cloud and AI applications and train more than 1.2 million people in digital skills by the end of 2025.

Microsoft will operate its AI services and infrastructure in accordance with industry-leading practices for responsible AI and sustainability. The company has adopted a Responsible AI standard for its own AI platforms and services, and established an AI Assurance Program to share best practices and promote responsible AI practices.

Microsoft’s commitment to sustainability: 100% use of renewable energy and greentech globally

Microsoft’s commitment to sustainability includes achieving 100% use of renewable energy globally for the company’s operations, including its data centers, by 2025.

This initiative reflects a shared pursuit of environmental sustainability and a more energy efficient future.

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Microsoft has the vision that cloud computing will be ubiquitous, accessible and responsible in Germany in the future. The company offers cloud services that are not only powerful, but also reliable, and meet the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

Startups use advanced AI functions

Numerous German companies and startups are already using advanced AI functions. Siemens has developed the Siemens Industrial Copilot with Azure OpenAI Service for complex tasks such as writing and optimizing code for machines and fixing errors. Boehringer Ingelheim added the Azure OpenAI Service to its AI platform iQNow to improve the efficiency and quality of its knowledge management.

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Bayer uses Microsoft M365 Copilot and wants to use it, among other things, to accelerate daily workflows, for example by automatically summarizing emails and attachments or by creating first drafts of documents. And Microsoft Copilot is also being experimented with in other areas, such as product development.

Commerzbank is working on redesigning its customer experience, where it will develop an AI banking avatar using Microsoft Azure AI.


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