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more and more for Telcos

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more and more for Telcos

Even more generative AI for Telco. During the Mobile World Congress, ServiceNow unveiled the partnership with NVIDIA and the purchase of NetACE.

Telecommunications companies today have the need to create value for its customers and promote operational efficiency. Objective to enable strategic decision making and rapid transformation. In this context, it is particularly important to have a consolidated view of networks and to be supported by coherent workflows to be able to connect and act on data.

Generative AI

ServiceNow is committed to offering manufactured products specially for the telecommunications sector. Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is a game changer for organizations looking to increase productivity, improve customer experience. It also promotes cost savings, thanks to its ability to learn and improve with each use.

ServiceNow and NVIDIA expand partnership

ServiceNow and NVIDIA expand their partnership and introduce telecommunications-specific generative artificial intelligence solutions. They do this starting with Now Assist for Telecommunications Service Management, which is based on the NowPlatform and uses NVIDIA’s artificial intelligence. So you can increase productivity, speed up resolution times and improve customer experience.

Speed ​​and efficiency

In a world of services, the speed and efficiency of precise and useful answers for customers have the utmost importance. Operators at telecom companies can use GenAI-powered chat to summarize case-related activities, work notes and customer interactions. Also direct colleagues to the most appropriate next steps. This allows you to support customers quickly and focus on more complex requests that require personalized attention. Ensuring overall better customer experiences.

Now Assist for Telecommunications Service Management

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Now Assist for Telecommunications Service Management will help ensure smooth and secure service. Incident management teams work with technical data and face a number of challenges due to specific terminology and acronyms. Generative AI can decipher technical jargon, simplifying complex information into clear, concise summaries that speed time to resolution, drive cost savings, and improve the experience.

The acquisition of NetACE

ServiceNow also announces that it has acquired NetACE™ network management and automation technology, from Israeli technology innovator Atrinet, with the goal of accelerating business transformation in the telecommunications industry. This technology will be made available on the Now Platform and will enable complete, end-to-end management of the network lifecycle on a single digital workflow platform, powered by artificial intelligence.

Generative artificial intelligence: more and more for telcos

ServiceNow is committed to meeting customer needs wherever they are. The addition of NetACE network discovery and activation capabilities to the Now Platform will provide stronger connectivity for telco workflows. As well as greater alignment between networks, from the initial sale to the activation and guarantee of a service. These new capabilities also accelerate the company’s roadmap as it takes a significant step in providing closed-loop automation for telecommunications networks.

The beginning of the transformation

Filippo Giannelli, area VP and country manager ServiceNow Italia
This is just the beginning of a large-scale transformation for the telecommunications industry, and we’re excited to be at the forefront. There Now Platform of ServiceNow enables visibility across the enterprise. With its Telecommunication Service Management solution, it already supports many industry-leading innovators, such as British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, Telia and more. We look forward to offering even better services and technology.

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