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New Halo art director will lead ‘a very exciting new era’ – Halo Infinite

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New Halo art director will lead ‘a very exciting new era’ – Halo Infinite

343 Industries is making moves to expand and evolve, as they recently announced the hiring of industry veteran Chris Matthews as their new Studio Art Director. Matthews, known for his work on Gears of War, Battlefield, and Forza, is set to bring his wealth of experience and creative vision to the Halo franchise.

The news comes after a challenging year for 343 Industries, which saw around 100 employees being laid off. However, the studio managed to turn things around with the release of Halo Infinite’s Season 5: Reckoning and the addition of Forge, which rekindled gamers’ interest in the game.

Matthews shared the exciting news of his new role on his LinkedIn profile, expressing his pride in joining the team at 343 Industries and his enthusiasm for leading Halo into a new era. This statement has sparked speculation within the Halo community about the direction the franchise will take under Matthews’ leadership.

Rumors have also been circulating about 343 Industries potentially working on a new Halo game using Unreal Engine 5 instead of their in-house Slipspace engine. While it remains unclear whether Matthews’ reference to a “very exciting new era” is related to this project, it certainly adds fuel to the speculation.

The addition of Matthews to the team signals 343 Industries’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of the Halo franchise and delivering innovative experiences to fans. With a seasoned industry professional at the helm, the future looks bright for Halo and the gaming community as a whole.

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