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Paid Instagram followers: are these working, are these safe and do you need to buy them in 2022?

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No matter what it seems like, promotion on Instagram is harder today than it was before: mutual liking and following isn’t working, people are spending time online only on the pages of people and brands they sincerely like and the phenomenon of insanely huge and popular pages slowly dies, leaving space to celebrities only. But what if we’d tell you, that you still can attain tons of subscribers, and that it is totally safe and can help you attract more natural users to your table? Let’s see…

Instagram has over 2 billion active users today, and this is highly impressive, yet also quite scary. Thus the number doesn’t include bots and fakes that some people are using to develop their pages – but this is a very bad move and we’re going to tell you why a little bit further. No matter what other people say, Instagram users are still using the number of subs as the landmark to filter decent accounts from indecent ones, although it is not working like this, and most of the adequate people know it. However, if you want to attract people’s attention, you need to make sure that your profile has enough of all of that: subscribers, likes, comments and views of stories and videos. Without that, nobody will trust that you (or your products and services) are good. This is simple human psychology. We need to know that stuff is valuable.

But what can you do if you have no connections and no blogger friends who could share their audience with you? Well, this is a hard situation that many people get into after creating their Insta account, but there is a decision for it. You can buy Instagram followers to cover your needs in any number of subs (you can do the same for likes, comments and other features), but you should know several important things to make that process go safely and smoothly for you. First of all, don’t go and purchase a thousand of subscribers just because you want them: if your blog doesn’t have any of those, it is going to look highly suspicious and bad, and it can also lead to your profile being banned for some time. Second of all, don’t purchase fake subs – you need to buy real Instagram followers only, if you don’t want to get into the shadow ban and to be taken away from the real accounts that could potentially be your subs or clients.

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And the last, but the most important thing, is that paid services aren’t key to success. Those can be a very decent support, the booster at the beginning or when the hard times come – but key to success lies in your communication, interaction and entertainment of the audience. If people see that you’re always there for them, they will more willingly want to check out the content that you have and support your blog on its way towards success. Nicely done development is the one, where at the exit you get a profile that is able to support and develop itself by only posting posts and stories and interacting with the audience. This is an ideal that everybody should strive to – but to reach it you’re going to need to spend some time promoting your profile by paid services and setting the targeted ads through Insta.

Let’s talk a bit about safety as well: if you’re buying real subs, those are going to be completely safe for your account, and vice versa. Make sure that you’re choosing a decent paying mechanism and that you’re not giving away any of your personal data. Normal company that sells followers or other stuff requires only your Instagram username and your email in some cases – to send you paychecks and some other info about the purchase. If a website that sells subs is asking for your name, your address or your password, look for another resource to purchase subs from. This one is probably trying to scam you.

Be smart and slow with what you’re doing, check everything twice and plan ahead – such an approach will lead you towards success shortly! Good luck!

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