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Practical Windows function for 30 years without an update

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Practical Windows function for 30 years without an update

FAT32, NTFS, exFAT, there are many different file systems – and every now and then you have to change your storage medium by formatting it. Windows has a great feature in store for this that has basically remained untouched by Microsoft for 30 years.


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Crazy Windows story: Temporary solution has existed for 30 years

Sometimes it has to be fast. Then you simply don’t have time to spend hours thinking about how a project should be implemented – “quick and dirty” has to be enough. Afterwards you can always sit down again and make sense of the whole thing. It is yes just a temporary solutioncorrect?

Something similar apparently happened to former Microsoft employee Dave Plummer, who in 1994 Formatting window for Windows wrote – within a few hours on a rainy Thursday morning.

Apparently not much has happened to the dialogue window since then: “That was about 30 years ago, and the dialogue is still my preliminary one from that Thursday morning, so be careful when entering temporary solutions!

While we’re on the topic of file systems – we’ll tell you in the video which ones are available and which ones you can use most flexibly:

Windows function has a big problem

Good to know: It was also Plummer who determined with his code that the The maximum size of a FAT medium can be 32 GB. According to his description, a completely arbitrary decision at the moment, which has ensured for 30 years that users cannot create FAT storage media with larger capacities using the native Windows tool.

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After all, this limitation does not apply to third-party programs. If you download an alternative tool, you can use FAT storage media with one Capacity up to 2TB create.

By the way, if you take a closer look at the Windows 11 settings, you will see that Microsoft at least has one alternative user interface (see below) for formatting that seems a little more modern. But if you simply enter “format” in the search, you will still end up with the old-fashioned tool, which still seems to be the standard.

After all, Microsoft now offers a slightly improved version of the formatting tool. (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

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