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PS5 Pro åƒ¹æ ¼æœƒæ¯”æƒ³åƒ ä¸ä¾¿å®œï¼Œè€Œä¸”今年就會推出 | é›»è…¦çŽ‹é˜¿é ”

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PS5 Pro åƒ¹æ ¼æœƒæ¯”æƒ³åƒ ä¸ä¾¿å®œï¼Œè€Œä¸”今年就會推出 |  é›»è…¦çŽ‹é˜¿é ”

“PS5 Pro Price Will Be More Affordable, And Will be Released This Year”

Recent rumors from well-known YouTuber ‘Moore’s Law is Dead’ revealed the latest news about the PlayStation 5 Pro in a YouTube video.

According to his sources, the specifications of 4nm Zen 2 8 core for the CPU are confirmed, however, the clock speed is still unknown. Sony plans to use 16GB of GDDR6 memory (18Gbps), utilising 256-bit memory channels. Moreover, Sony plans to use 56 CUs.

The most noteworthy aspect is the price and release date. Moore’s Law is Dead predicts that although this will be a “Pro” version of the PS5, the price will not be too “Pro”. This is because the manufacturing cost of the PS5 Pro is said to not be much higher than the 2020 PS5 version, making the price of the disc drive model around $500, roughly equivalent to NT$15,700. For comparison, the disc drive version of the new PS5 (PS5 Slim) is priced at $499.

Based on the information obtained, it seems that Sony’s new machine will be equipped with 16GB of memory, and may even reach 20GB. This configuration may be to reduce manufacturing costs, and suggests a more affordable memory solution compared to the PS5 at the time of launch.

He also added: “I don’t see anything special on this mainframe that would make it cost more to manufacture, than the 2020 product launch PS5.” This means that the manufacturing cost may increase slightly, but there will not be a significant increase.

The PS5 Pro’s release date seems to be coming from Sony and AMD. According to insiders at AMD, the internal staff is expected to launch the product in 2024, although it is not yet confirmed.

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Regardless, at least these two clues suggest that the release will be this year. This means that if you are considering buying a PS5, you may want to wait and see if a PS5 Pro will be released at the end of the year or not, so as not to end up in a situation where you purchase the current PS5 Pro. Moore’s Law is Dead Video:

In conclusion, the public should eagerly anticipate the expected release of the PS5 Pro this year, as further advancements in the technology will benefit consumers who may be interested in purchasing.

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