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Sony Tests PS5 Game Streaming and Launches Streaming Game Zone on PlayStation Plus

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Sony Tests PS5 Game Streaming and Launches Streaming Game Zone on PlayStation Plus

Sony Testing PS5 Streaming Games While Launching Streaming Game Zone on PlayStation Plus

Sony is currently testing PlayStation 5 game content in streaming mode and has launched a streaming game zone on PlayStation Plus in a bid to rival Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. While the launch of the previously announced handheld Project Q is still undecided, Sony is making significant strides in the streaming game market.

Sony’s global sales vice president, Nick Maguire, recently confirmed that the company has started testing PlayStation 5 game content in streaming mode. Reddit forum users also leaked information about Sony sending test invitations to specific players. However, it is important to note that the test content may differ from the final released version.

Players who have been invited to test the streaming game service have reported a new streaming game content area on the PlayStation Plus service. By selecting any streaming game, players can start playing within seconds. The available content includes popular titles such as “God of War: Ragnarok,” “Forbidden Land of the Western Regions,” “Fortress Heroes,” “Destiny 2,” and “Death Stranding.” Users can also switch between different picture quality settings, ranging from 720p to 2160p.

As expected, Sony’s streaming game service will directly compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’s cloud streaming service. It may also rival Sony’s previous offering, PlayStation Now. However, availability may be limited to specific markets due to copyright restrictions and service usage limitations. It is possible that the service may not be accessible in all PlayStation Plus service launch markets.

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While Sony has previously stated that providing game content through subscription downloads and streaming is not practical, it is evident that the company is exploring this possibility in the market. Sony recently announced the upcoming launch of a handheld product called Project Q. This innovative device will allow players to run PlayStation 5 games through a Wi-Fi connection and potentially even leverage streaming game services in the future.

Despite these advancements, Sony has yet to confirm the specific launch date for Project Q and emphasized that the streaming PlayStation 5 game service is still in the early testing phase. Thus, there is no definitive timetable for its official launch. As Sony continues to test and refine its streaming game offerings, gaming enthusiasts eagerly await further updates and the potential expansion of these services.

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