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Suyu continues Yuzu’s work

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Suyu continues Yuzu’s work

After the Switch emulator Yuzu was unable to prevail against Nintendo’s lawsuit last week, it now wants to try its luck with another emulator. juice but would like to avoid a lawsuit from Nintendo.

Suyu wants to pick up where the developers of the Switch emulator Yuzu left off. In a legal dispute against Nintendo, the Yuzu developers gave up almost without a fight. An agreement was reached out of court and Yuzu took its emulator offline. You can find out more about this in this article. The emulator could be used to play Switch games on a Windows PC, macOS, Linux and Android.

Other developers continue work with the new emulator Suyu (pronounced “sue-you”, wink, wink) based on Yuzu’s open source code. However, they have made some small changes to avoid possible legal action from Nintendo this time. Since Yuzu was developed as open source, it was only a matter of time before a new version of the Switch emulator came to life. According to a report by arsTECHNICA, the developers are aware that they are currently in a legal gray area. But they want to step out of the gray area with the new edition of the Switch emulator. The project is currently still in planning and preparation. According to the company’s own information, they exchanged ideas with “someone with legal experience” in order to be able to take the right steps so that the Yuzu development team’s years of work were not in vain.

Suyu distances herself from piracy

In order to forestall possible legal consequences from Nintendo this time, the Suyu team emphasized from the start on both Github and Discord that the project has no intention of making a profit. The developers of the Yuzu emulator actually generated income through advertising and Patreon. Nintendo cited this, as well as step-by-step instructions for making potentially illegal copies of Nintendo Switch games, in their lawsuit against developer team Tropic Haze, which led to the emulator being removed from the network. The Suyu team clearly distances itself from piracy. The developers on GitLab and Discord made this clear. The developers have already published the source code on GitLab, but the emulator cannot currently be used.

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