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The disappearance of Twitter, Angelina Mango’s incredible numbers: Sanremo on social media a few hours before the final

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The disappearance of Twitter, Angelina Mango’s incredible numbers: Sanremo on social media a few hours before the final

The podium divided between Angelina Mango, Annalisa, Ghali and Geolier (if he is able to repeat the exploits of the first evenings), Il Tre, Clara and Alfa as revelations of the year and also the ever decreasing weight of Twitter in the dynamics of Sanremo: these are the clear ones indications coming from social media network on the eve of the final of the 2024 Festival.

Especially Angelina, from what emerges from DeRev’s analysisa company specializing in digital strategy and communication, is able to boast impressive numbers on the platforms, which make it decidedly capable of influencing the outcome of the televoting and therefore the most serious candidate for victory.

Is this the Sanremo 2024 podium?

As can be seen from ranking, updated after the first 4 evenings (above)Mango is the one who made the most notable ride, starting from an initial fifth place (this DeRev’s ranking before the start of the Festival) and soon becoming the protagonist of social media and largely the first. During the week of Sanremo 2024 you constantly dialogued with the community by producing almost 100 posts: no one has manned the platforms so consistently, managing to bring home an impressive average engagement of 60.05%a total of 2.5 million interactions and 212 thousand new followers.

The Ligurian Annalisa can count on a much stronger community: 5.3 million followers in total at the end of the first 4 evenings (over 150 thousand they gained during the Festival) compared to Angelina’s 1.4 million, but it has a level of average engagement which is just over a tenth compared to her rival, and her 39 posts were not enough to slow down the Maratea artist’s progress.

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As for Expensivemanaged to overtake Fiorella Mannoia and keep the always good Mahmood at bay (who collected 2.3 million interactions during the Festival): with 48 posts, he animated a community of 4.5 million users and in the week it brought home 104 thousand new followers and 2.6 million interactions.

The strange case of Geolier

The Neapolitan rapper deserves a space of his own, because he has played a game of his own: he started practically at the rear (28th out of 30), especially due to the small amount of content compared to his colleagues, and managed to climb back up to 15th. His performance socialhowever, is not comparable to that of the top seeds except for one single figure: he is the second to have brought home the most followers during the week (186,333).

For the rest, it collects 58 thousand interactions, which are few because he published little (9 posts): “Our score measures how good an individual is at communicating on social media and is based on indicators that detect public satisfaction and are a litmus test of that skill – he explained the CEO of DeRev, Roberto Esposito – This is the rule which, as often happens, can lead to an exception as soon as it is made. Which here is called Geolier. He certainly isn’t good at communicating, but he is loved regardless. It’s something that rarely happens, but it happens. And in any case they are on social media almost 3 million users who love it, and that’s not a few”. Which is one of the reasons why the Neapolitan singer could reserve some final surprises in the final.

The role of social platforms in Sanremo

In general, from what emerges from the monitoring, the Festival was well managed from a social point of view by a group of artists who are perhaps less well-known but who have earned mainstream appreciation: among these there are certainly Il Tre, Alfa it’s clear.

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The first two started from the Top10 and recorded interesting numbers (1.5 million interactions for the first and 781 thousand for the second, largely during the cover evening). Clara, who started from 17th position, moved up to 13th, making herself noticed for the 155 thousand new followers and a boom of interactions capitalized on the third and fourth evenings.

Interactions that are now happening for the vast majority on Instagramwhich confirms itself as the (virtual) place where the Festival is most talked about: this year it hosted 66.44% of the interactions carried out by all the competing singers, for an absolute value that it is close to that of last year (15.6 million versus 16.7 million).

It’s behind it TikTokwhich however is constantly growing, as usual: 6 million interactions compared to 5.9 million last year, equal to 25.83% of the total. Facebook it stops at 1.3 million interactions, which is equivalent to 5.8% of the total.

The tail end, which according to DeRev (but not only according to them) is “probably destined to disappear”, is Twitter: on the social network that Musk decided to call X there were just 452 thousand interactions, less than 2% of the total.

As for the individual songs, Annalisa’s song has been used 23 thousand times on TikTok and Angelina Mango’s song just under 3 thousand times. Geolier’s, however, over 30 thousand times. Which is the other reason why this evening the rapper could question everything and blow all the predictions.

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