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The End of an Era: Disney to Cease Selling DVD and Blu-ray Discs in Australia

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The End of an Era: Disney to Cease Selling DVD and Blu-ray Discs in Australia

Streaming Media Forces Disney to Stop Selling DVD and Blu-Ray Discs in Australia

Remember the days when watching a movie meant popping in a disc and sitting back with some popcorn? Well, those days may soon become a thing of the past. With the rise of streaming media, more and more people are opting to watch their favorite movies and TV shows directly on their mobile phones or computers. As a result, DVD and Blu-ray discs have slowly but surely become products of the “old times”.

Disney, one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world, has recently announced a significant change to its sales strategy due to the continued decline in DVD and Blu-ray sales and the overwhelming impact of streaming media. The company stated that it will no longer sell DVD and Blu-ray discs in Australia, a decision that will affect many film production companies under the Disney umbrella, including Marvel and 20th Century Fox.

This move by Disney reflects the current global trend towards streaming media on a large scale. It is expected that this strategy may be gradually extended to other regional markets as well. As of now, Disney has confirmed that the Blu-ray disc of “Interstellar 3” will be the last physical disc released in Australia. This highly anticipated release is scheduled for later this month.

Although previously released physical discs will continue to be available until they are sold out, they will not be restocked once they are gone. This news has sparked mixed reactions among fans, with some expressing nostalgia and lamenting the end of an era, while others embrace the convenience and accessibility offered by streaming services.

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Streaming media has undeniably revolutionized the way we consume entertainment. It offers a wide variety of content at our fingertips, allowing us to watch what we want, when we want, and wherever we want. While DVDs and Blu-rays may soon become relics of the past, the streaming era is just beginning.

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