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The Importance of Activating ‘Airplane Mode’ During Flight

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The Importance of Activating ‘Airplane Mode’ During Flight

Title: Importance of Activating ‘Airplane Mode’ During Flights

Date: 7/12/2023
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Every time you board a plane to travel for vacation or work, you are requested to put your cell phone in “airplane mode” by the crew personnel. But have you ever wondered why it is important to follow this recommendation? In this article, we will discuss the significance of activating ‘airplane mode’ and the potential consequences of not doing so.

Carrying your cell phone without activating ‘airplane mode’ can generate interference that pilots and flight controllers can hear. This interference is caused by the noise created by cell phones and other mobile devices with data networks. During critical moments when there is communication with the control tower, the generated noise can be disruptive and lead to miscommunication or even accidents. Therefore, it is important to follow the crew’s instructions and activate ‘airplane mode’ both during takeoff and before landing.

The noise from mobile devices can reach up to 8 watts of power, causing annoyance for pilots and controllers. The situation can escalate if the entire crew’s mobile equipment remains connected to a network. In a sense, activating ‘airplane mode’ during takeoff and landing is comparable to requesting silence during these crucial phases of the flight.

However, it is essential to note that once the aircraft is in the air, it is considered safe to use your cell phone in normal mode. Some airlines even offer WiFi services, enabling passengers to stay connected during the flight. It is only when the plane reaches the destination and the crew announces that normal cell phone use can resume that you should make calls or confirm arrangements with those awaiting your arrival at the airport.

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Ensuring the safety of all passengers and crew members is a top priority in aviation. By following simple instructions such as activating ‘airplane mode,’ you play an active role in maintaining a safe travel environment. Remember, the next time you board a plane, stay mindful of the crew’s instructions regarding your cell phone usage to contribute towards a secure and smooth flight experience.

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