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The «IO» App is easier to use: here are the latest news and the service guide

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The «IO» App is easier to use: here are the latest news and the service guide

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The Italian State’s IO App is coming of age and finally makes access easy. This is the latest news that arrives with the update of the app, a few days ago, and it is also an opportunity to take stock of a public app which is already useful for using various public administration services; and it should become even more so in the future.
Let’s start with the latest news.

IO app, latest update: more and better security

The main update in the latest version concerns security. Those who have already installed the app should go to the play store to update manually.

At that point we automatically benefit from the advantages, which are two. The first: we will be able to enter the app for one year only with a fingerprint or unlock code. In short, only after a year will there be the classic process of access via Spid or Cie (electronic identity card).

The Io app thus adapts to an international security trend, see Google and Apple, based on “passkeys”, substitutes for passwords, for rapid and at the same time secure access to apps and smartphones. It is a revolution for the accessibility. For years, experts had criticized the excessive cumbersome nature of accessing IO, which required a new Spid or Cie access every 30 days.

A procedure that requires many steps and in some cases several minutes; a paradox for an app designed to simplify the use of public services. For example, in our case the last access via Spid required entering the Io account again (the mobile phone had stored several passwords and we had to go to attempts); then it was necessary to go through the Spid supplier’s app, which however in turn required – after some time since the last time – to enter the account and password again.

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