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The Most Influential Camera Review Website DPREVIEW Announces Its Shutdown in April

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The Most Influential Camera Review Website DPREVIEW Announces Its Shutdown in April

If you are a digital photography player or photographer, I believe you have visited the DPREVIEW website. You can refer to digital photography equipment, including digital cameras, lenses, and more and more smartphone photography quality tests in recent years. The website’s digital The photographic equipment database, as well as the annual recommendation, are places that must be referred to before purchasing equipment. Unfortunately, the DPREVIEW website has just announced that it will be officially shut down on April 10th.

The DPREVIEW website has been established for nearly 25 years. It appeared together with the popularization of digital cameras. It is now the world‘s most famous and the earliest media that can get the latest digital camera tests. Many important digital camera brands, including Sony, Nikon, Canon, etc., such as There are flagship new digital cameras, which will be provided to DPREVIEW before the release. When the product is released, DPREVIEW will publish detailed test articles in cooperation. So it has always been a website that digital camera players pay attention to.

However, the general manager of DPREVIEW website, Scoot Everett just announced on the website that based on the annual operation review of the parent company, he believes that the content of digital cameras has not brought ideal revenue benefits to the business, and decided to stop the DPREVIEW website from April 10 operate. He thanked everyone who worked on DPREVIEW and conducted product testing, because everyone was a loyal reader of DPREVIEW before, and made a hobby their profession.

In fact, the digital camera market has shrunk in recent years due to the improvement in the photography quality of smartphones. Small digital cameras have almost disappeared, and only mirrorless digital cameras with interchangeable lenses are left in the market, and only photographers are the only customers. , and photography enthusiasts only. Fortunately, in the past two years, YouTube has become popular for filming, and many digital cameras have also changed to filming as their main function before becoming active again.

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On the other hand, there are fewer and fewer digital camera brands, and the current promotion strategy of major digital camera brands is also based on Youtube channels. Many Youtubers even want to make videos for free in order to have a camera in their hands as soon as possible. Do whatever it takes. The operation of traditional media has put a lot of pressure on it, and eventually it will disappear. In the end, readers do not have a photography product website that they can trust and refer to.

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