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The music version of ChatGPT is here! Google AI Music Generator MusicLM Open for Registration

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The music version of ChatGPT is here! Google AI Music Generator MusicLM Open for Registration

Earlier, at the 2023 I/O conference held by Google, a new large-scale language model PaLM 2 was released. It not only imported various AI into Google WorkSpace, but also upgraded Bard.

In January of this year, Google released an experimental AI tool, MusicLM, which is now officially on the scene, and can be registered and tried in the AI ​​Test Kitchen on the Web, Android or iOS.

Just enter a prompt, such as “sentimental jazz at a dinner party”, and MusicLM will automatically create two versions of the track for you. After listening to both songs, you can choose your favorite track to present the prize. Users can specify instruments, music types such as electronic, classical, or desired atmosphere, mood, etc. as hints. These texts can also help improve the model.

In fact, when Google previewed MusicLM in an academic paper in January, it said it had no immediate plans to publish it. The paper’s co-authors point out the ethical challenges that systems like MusicLM pose, including the problem of incorporating copyrighted material in the training data into the generated songs, among others.

Over the past few months, Google has continued to host workshops with music experts. To see how its tools can better empower creators, the current version of MusicLM in AI Test Kitchen does not generate music with specific artists or vocals.

But even so, the copyright issue of generative AI is still of concern to many creators. A white paper written by Eric Sunray of the American Music Publishing Association mentioned that AI music generation such as MusicLM There are copyright infringement issues with AI-generated music because the consistency of the original music used by AI-generated music would violate the right of reproduction.

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The artificial intelligence-generated songs previously launched by the new startup Boomy on Spotify were also officially deleted by Spotify after being complained by Universal Music Group. From graphic design to music, AI generation still has a long way to go in the art field.

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