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The new work “Cataclismo” from the team of “Team Sniper” and “Nightman” will be released on 7/16 | Game Base

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The new work “Cataclismo” from the team of “Team Sniper” and “Nightman” will be released on 7/16 | Game Base

Digital Sun, the Spanish independent studio behind popular games such as “Moonlighter” and “The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story,” has announced the upcoming launch of its new tower defense real-time strategy game, “Cataclismo.” This highly anticipated game will be available on platforms such as PC Steam and other platforms, supporting traditional Chinese and other languages.

Combining city construction and strategic gameplay, “Cataclismo” is set to officially launch on July 16, 2024, in European and American time zones, and July 17, 2024, in Asian time zones. The game offers a unique blend of fortress construction, world exploration, tower defense battles, and real-time strategy elements, challenging players to build strongholds and fend off waves of menacing monsters.

In the fortress construction mode, players will utilize Lego-like building elements with over 100 types of blocks that feature physical calculations. This allows for endless combinations to enhance defense capabilities, including the option to configure various troops with specialized skills like crossbowmen and artillery. Players can also utilize flame emitters, traps, and more to protect their castles and inhabitants.

Aside from the engaging campaign mode that offers approximately 30 hours of gameplay, “Cataclismo” also includes “Skirmish Conflict” for intense battles and “Creative” for sandbox gameplay where players can create intricate medieval castles. Other game modes such as “Survival” will test players’ tactical skills to the limit.

Fans of Digital Sun’s previous works are encouraged to delve into the immersive world of “Cataclismo” and experience the new gaming excitement it brings. Don’t miss out on this thrilling new release from a studio known for delivering innovative and captivating gameplay experiences.

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