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The pro-Russian group Noname claims new cyber attacks against Italy

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The pro-Russian group Noname claims new cyber attacks against Italy

Third day of cyber attacks by the pro-Russian group Noname on institutional and Italian company sites. The sites of some banks such as Mas, Mediobanca and Popolare di Sondrio have now been targeted by the group. At the moment only the latter’s website seems to have problems, making it inaccessible. In addition to the banks, an attack was also claimed on the Revenue Agency website, which however is regularly accessible.

In recent days the group, openly pro-Putin and which since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine has begun to target various European nations with cyber attacks, has claimed responsibility for attacks on the website of the Italian government, of public transport in Turin, Genoa and Naples, of the Agency of state property and other banks such as Credem and Bper. Attacks that were claimed yesterday on Telegram as an action in support of the farmers’ protests, in their opinion “harassed by the wrong policies of the Italian authorities, who use their financial resources to support the Zelensky regime”.

Noname: two years of attacks and claims, rather than risks it is propaganda

Noname attacks European nations somewhat indiscriminately. These days he is particularly active and has claimed responsibility for attacks on Poland, Spain and France. All of the Ddos type, which is nothing more than a mass access request to a website in order to overload its servers and make it inaccessible. Demonstrative attacks, often aimed at pure propaganda, as demonstrated by the messages shared during each attack. Winking at the tractor protest is just an attempt to enter the public debate and attempt to destabilize countries.

NoName 057(16) is among the Russian groups most active in the cyberwar that parallels the kinetic conflict in Ukraine. The group was created in March 2022, shortly after Russian tanks entered Kiev territory. He immediately became the protagonist of a series of attacks against government bodies and critical infrastructures in Ukraine and the countries that support it.

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In particular Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Norway and Finland. But the group daily claims attacks on all countries suspected in some way of supporting Kiev. In recent days he has also launched several attacks on Japan and Spain, also accused of not supporting the Russian cause.


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