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This German city has the worst drivers

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This German city has the worst drivers

Nobody wears this stamp voluntarily. Have you ever wondered where the worst drivers actually come from? A new survey reveals it.

Most road users naturally consider themselves to be very good drivers, but they vastly overestimate their abilities. In this article you will find out where the drivers come from who overestimate their abilities to such an extent that they are among the worst drivers in Germany. So that the article doesn’t become too one-sided, we will also praise where the best and safest come from. Have fun while reading.

Drivers are known for their driving style, and not just in Germany. Our colleagues at Kino.de interviewed the two “bad boys” Martin Lawrence and Will Smith about German car curses:

The worst drivers drive in this city

The platform fahrervergleich.de collects statistics that deal with the worst drivers in Germany. For the evaluation, evaluations about behavior in road traffic that road users have submitted via this platform are used. Whether it’s driving too fast, a lack of safe distance and the associated tailgating or illegal parking – everything is represented in the statistics, which determine the city with the worst drivers based on the location label. But which city do the worst ones come from?

According to the platform, the city with the worst drivers is in the southwest of Bavaria – it is Mindelheim in Unterallgäu with the location code MN. The driving skills are rated as poor (5.2). The people of Mindelheim like to drive particularly fast and, according to statistics, are considered the worst drivers in Germany. So that the people in Mindelheim don’t feel like they’ve been offended: Kiel, whose residents are also characterized by their fast driving style, takes second place among the worst drivers. Ludwigshafen in Rhineland-Palatinate can finally be happy about third place. In Ludwigshafen, as with the two better placed cars, people like to press on the gas and park incorrectly.

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Where are the best and safest drivers?

In the same statistics, but at the top of the table, is the Tirschenreuth district with the location code TIR. In the district, which is also in Bavaria but in the east, drivers are very careful, brake early and keep a good safe distance. The rating is very positive with a 2.1. Second and third place go to the two Bavarian districts of Weiden in der Oberpfalz (WEN) and Neustadt an der Waldnaab (NEW), both of which can look forward to a good grade of 2.2. Driving is pleasant and courteous in both districts.

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