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This is the only way the iPhone update will be truly awesome

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This is the only way the iPhone update will be truly awesome

Apple will most likely give us a first look at iOS 18 during June. There is still enough time to put together a list of wishes and suggestions by then. One of these now comes from the YouTube channel “Concept Central”. The functions shown are so ingenious that Apple simply has to adopt them for iOS 18.

What do we know about iOS 18 so far? The preliminary presentation at Apple’s developer conference (WWDC) in June is considered relatively certain, and the major iPhone update is again expected to be completed in September. According to rumors, the focus is on: Integration of so-called generative AI, new design elements in the style of visionOS (Apple Vision Pro) and the embedding of RCS. But not much more is known yet.

iOS 18: The iPhone must get this feature

Accordingly, the door is wide open for speculation. The creators of the YouTube channel “Concept Central” fill this void with a really exciting and Worth seeing concept video. In this they show a number of features that are so useful and innovative that Apple should actually adopt them for iOS 18 immediately. But look for yourself:

Here are just some of the ones shown Desired features for iOS 18 at a glance:

Shortcuts on the lock screen can be customized. Switches from the control center end up on the home screen as a widget. Homescreen elements can be aligned downwards for better accessibility. Different homescreen designs that you can easily switch between, just like the lock screen. The Dynamic Island supports drag and drop for the clipboard. A new, more compact widget size. Multitasking now supports Multi Window. The best for last: Desktop mode for the iPhone similar to Samsung DeX.

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All features and functions that would be really damn useful in practice on the iPhone. We can only hope that Apple will be inspired by this or perhaps already thought of it themselves and integrate this into iOS 18.

The new year is slowly getting going:

When will WWDC 2024 actually take place?

The reality check will come in June. Apple has not yet announced WWDC, but this is likely to happen in the next few weeks. If we were to guess: Based on experience, the developer conference should probably be held either on Monday, June 3, or Monday, June 10, 2024, be opened with a keynote.

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