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Towerborne will be shown on Thursday

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Towerborne will be shown on Thursday

Towerborne, the upcoming game developed by Stoic (known for The Banner Saga) is generating buzz as a spiritual sequel to Castle Crashers. Set to launch later this year, the game promises four-player co-op, a vast world to explore, numerous abilities to master, a wide range of enemies to battle, and an array of gear and weapons to equip.

Last year’s Gamescom provided a sneak peek at an early version of Towerborne, leaving the press impressed and eager for more. Now, fans can mark their calendars as Stoic and Xbox Game Studios have announced a special Twitch stream on Thursday 7 March at 22:00 GMT / 23:00 CET.

With stunning design and ongoing support for new content, Towerborne is shaping up to be a must-play for gamers. Stay tuned for the Twitch stream and get ready for an adventure like no other.

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