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Trials of “LOOP8 Goddess” and “Disgaea 7”, Taiwan SEGA launched several new works this season | 4Gamers

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Trials of “LOOP8 Goddess” and “Disgaea 7”, Taiwan SEGA launched several new works this season | 4Gamers

Taiwan SEGA recently held an experience meeting for this season’s new works, including works such as “LOOP8: The Gods”, “Disgaea 7”, “Life is Beautiful” and so on. The following will talk about the impressions after the trial of these games.

《LOOP8 Fall God》

Let’s talk about “LOOP8’s Desire” first. At the beginning of “LOOP8’s Destiny”, it describes that the protagonist played by the player, Youyou, lives in the rural town of “Weiyuan Zhongzhen”. , but soon the player will receive a warning that aliens are about to invade this place.

In this August, in addition to getting to know the people in the town, players also have to resist aliens, but like the title “LOOP”, players are powerless to face aliens for the first time, but they will be defeated by the mysterious power of reincarnation. Continuously accumulate the strength of yourself and your companions to advance the plot.

LOOP8 Fall God_20230516112951

The feeling of playing, because there are also factors such as time, quality, and favorability, so there is a feeling of practicing five-dimensional and COOP in the miniature version of “Persona 5” on weekdays. The characters are designed by the famous painter Morikura En. The Japanese version’s theme song is “Original Scenery” sung by Nanasui, but the Asian version also has a Chinese version of the theme song, which is indeed quite new when you hear it.

However, it may be because of using UNITY, or it may be due to other situations encountered in the development. “LOOP8 Goddess” has the problem that the character’s movements are not smooth. No matter in the scene movement or in the battle, there is a significant feeling. This will inevitably become a problem that many players cannot adapt to. One point, it depends on whether the developer can release a corresponding update to fix it.

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LOOP8 Fall God_20230516111444

“LOOP8 God’s Sorrow” was released on PS4 and Switch on June 1st.

Disgaea 7

“Disgaea” can be said to be Japan’s first signature series, “Disgaea 7” inherits the strategy simulation role-playing game that used the Demon World as the stage in the past. It has always been a must-play series for digital fans who say “big numbers are beautiful”.

The latest work in the series “Disgaea 7” takes the Japanese-style demon world “Hinomoto Makai Group” as the stage. The wandering samurai “Fuji” and Hinomoto’s otaku girl “Pililica” will unveil the “Down with the Big House” The “rotten” anti-flag made trouble in the Demon Realm, and took back the deserted Japanese Demon Realm from the invaders.


This time, due to time constraints, I only experienced the first chapter, so there is no way to deal astronomical damage, but the plot is still interesting and nonsensical, but if you are a new player, you should learn more about some basic knowledge inherited from the past (such as lifting people) extended techniques).

Since the Japanese version was released in January, the production team received some negative reviews from the 6th generation and made corresponding adjustments, such as returning to weapon skills, changing automatic combat to limited automatic, adding item reincarnation, etc. , The evaluations seen so far are basically much better than the 6th generation.


Disgaea 7 will be available on PS5, PS4, and Switch on May 25.

“Harvest Moon Welcome!” beautiful life”

This is the latest work of the well-known management and development game “Harvest Moon” series. This is a remake of “Harvest Moon” released in 2003. It takes the settlement “Forgotten Valley” in the valley as the stage, and unfolds a tens of thousands of battles. Years of brand new warm ranch living.

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At the beginning of the story, the player will play the role of a person who inherited his father, moved to this strange land and explored an unfamiliar environment, and started a leisurely life.

2022081322592900 - 9F42C4817BF3FF424CD23B644E0855D4

In addition to the well-known factors such as farming and animal husbandry, according to official information, there are 4 men and 4 women who will be married later, and same-sex marriages are also allowed. In addition, there are many unique residents who can communicate with each other.

In terms of actual play, although the time for this trial is limited, I feel that the interface design and game screen have improved. If you like players who can spend a lifetime in the game, don’t miss this one.

2022081322410400 - 9F42C4817BF3FF424CD23B644E0855D4

“Harvest Moon Welcome!” Life is Beautiful” will be released on PS5 and Switch on June 22.

In addition to the above three, SEGA is expected to have a remake this season, a somatosensory dance game “Samba de Amigo Happy Shake Party” that includes multiple Latin-style songs. This game uses the gyroscope in the Joy-Con to directly become the sandbell in the game. Players who like this kind of game can also try it out.


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