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What does Salvini have to do with the first influencers’ union?

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What does Salvini have to do with the first influencers’ union?

Khaby Lame, Ignazio Moser, Giulia Latini, Gabriele Vagnato (the tiktoker that Pope Francis invited to the Vatican)Samara Tramontana (whom we interviewed already in 2021)Luca Campolunghi (in 2022 among the faces of the Italian Tech Week in Turin)Sespo, Claus and others are just some of the members of the Italian Content & Digital Creators Association, which can be considered a sort of first union of influencers.

The association will be presented next 6 December at the headquarters of the Roman Aquarium in Rome during the event C is for Economy, the content creator: a future already presentwith the declared objective of “opening a debate on the protection of the interests and rights of this new professional category”, also “establishing virtuous synergies with the main political forces in order to build a regulatory and legislative framework dedicated to professionals in the digital creative sector”.

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Political forces that will definitely be well represented at the conference: according to what has been announced, the deputy prime ministers Matteo are expected and will speak Salvini and Antonio Tajanialso respectively Minister of Infrastructure and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Andrea AbodiMinister for Sport, and Maurizio Leodeputy minister of Economy, perhaps the closest to the topics covered.

With them, divided into 5 panels that will try to illustrate the so-called sector influencer marketingthere will be teachers, researchers and economists who will talk about a world that in Italy it employs around 3-400 thousand people and which also moves a lot of money: if in 2021 (up 15% on the previous year) it had reached volumes of around 280 million euros in Italy, in 2022 it reached 308 million (+10%) and this year it is expected to grow further.

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Whether you like it or not, in short, being an influencer is a full-fledged job and the AICDC presentation event will also be an opportunity to announce the birth of the first sector observatory and to focus on the ethical and moral dimension of the profession, with the aim of “providing a clear response to cases of cyberbullying and hate speech in the name of inclusion and respect”.


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